Mozilla Open Leaders

Mozilla Open Leaders

OL6 Mentors & Experts

These are the volunteer Mentors & Experts for Round 6.


Achintya Rao

Geneva, Switzerland

Science communicator at CERN, interested in inclusive and open practices across all stages of research.
Area of Expertise: Science communication, R (intermediate), documentation, reproducible research
Language: Hindi, Kannada, a bit of French
Twitter: @RaoOfPhysics
GitHub: @RaoOfPhysics
Cohort: C

Ahinon Sègbédji Justin

Parakou, Bénin

I am an economist statistician by training, strongly interested in issues of open access knowledge dissemination in Africa. I'm particularly involved in making the concepts of open science, open access adapted in an African context, known through the Open Science Club Parakou that I manage.
I am also the co-founder of AfricArxiv, a free preprint service for African scientists, that aims to make their research outputs more visible.
Area of Expertise: Model designing for open diffusion and dissemination of academic resources
Language: French
Twitter: @justinahinon1
GitHub: @JustinyAhin
Cohort: C

Andrea Ferrero

Santa Barbara, CA

I’m the co-founder of Pockets Change, we work with students, families, and teachers across the country to change the way finance is taught. I’m based in Santa Barbara, California but call coffee shops and learning communities in cities around the world home too. I have over a decade of experience in education, business, and tech.
Area of Expertise: Curriculum development, Education program development and implementation
Twitter: @AndreaPocketsChange
GitHub: @PocketsChange
Cohort: B

Athina Tzovara


I am a neuroscientist, studying human perception and cognition. Apart from brains, I am interested in statistics, programming and ways to increase diversity in STEM.
Area of Expertise: Neuroscience, electroencephalography, programming, statistics
Language: French, Greek
Twitter: @aath0
GitHub: @aath0
Cohort: B

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras

Berkeley, CA, USA

Loving all things open*: Co-founder of openSNP, Director of Research at Open Humans and visiting scholar to the Bioinformatics Open Source Project group at the Berkeley Lab.
Area of Expertise: a little bit of everything (does that even qualify as expertise?)
Language: German
Twitter: @gedankenstuecke
GitHub: @gedankenstuecke
Cohort: B

Bonface Ochieng Okello

Kisumu , Kenya

From Kisumu- Kenya , a social innovator , with background in science in Information technology having a keen interest in Working Open and how to leverage technology in solving social - economic problems . He is an ardent lover of open source technologies , web technologies and health informatics technologies .
Area of Expertise: Project management, Documentation, Programing, Data analysis , Curriculum design management and implimentaion
Language: Swahili and Little French
Twitter: @thebonface
GitHub: @TheBonface
Cohort: C

Camille Maumet

Rennes, France

Research scientist in brain imaging data sciences at INRIA. My research focuses on large-scale analyses in neuroimaging. Specifically, I develop methods, tools and standards to make data sharing and data reuse as easy as possible. I initially trained as a software engineer.
Area of Expertise: Brain imaging, Open software, git & GitHub, Python
Language: French
Twitter: @cmaumet
GitHub: @cmaumet
Cohort: E

Chris Otta

Kisumu, Kenya

Full stack Web developer, tech community builder, founder and Club Captain Mozilla Maseno, version control aficionado and trainer, open source advocate, Computer Science graduate from Maseno University, Kenya.
Area of Expertise: If there’s ever anyone using Git and GitHub or wants to version control their projects using Git or collaborate on GitHub, I am happy to advise. Getting started with the Ruby programming language or the Rails framework? I’m willing to help!
Language: Swahili
Twitter: @otta_chris
GitHub: @ottagit
Cohort: C

Cristian Leon Coronado

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Political scientist and social researcher. Coordinator of Political Innovation at Asuntos del Sur. MSc in International Development (University of Bristol). I have been consultant for the Open Government Partneship, Organization of American States, United Nations Development Program and several other Bolivian government institutions and NGOs.
Area of Expertise: Digital rights, internet governance, techno-politics, digital security, open government
Language: Spanish
Twitter: @crisleoncor
GitHub: @crisleoncor
Cohort: A

Cynthia Mari Orozco

Los Angeles, United States

Cynthia is the Librarian for Equitable Services at East Los Angeles College, a community college that serves over 30,000 students in the East and Southeast Los Angeles areas. She is interested in bringing conversations around openness to local community colleges, specifically engaging students into these conversations.
Area of Expertise: Diversity and inclusion, libraries
Twitter: @cynthinee
GitHub: @cynthinee
Cohort: A

Daniela Saderi

Portland, OR, USA

Daniela is a PhD Candidate in Neuroscience at Oregon Health and Science University. In her doctoral work she explores how attention and effort affect sound representation in the auditory midbrain. Daniela is an open science advocate, passionate about research and making scientific output available to everyone to advance knowledge and improve transparency. She is an ASAPbio and eLIFE Ambassardor, and one of the co-foundeder of PREreview (, a free online platform to facilitate the collaborative crowdsourcing of pre-publication feedback and the training of early-career researchers in how to constructively review others’ scientific work.
Area of Expertise: Open Curriculum, Version Control (Git) and GitHub experience for project management, Community Building, Event Organization, Open Program Management
Language: Italian
Twitter: @Neurosarda
GitHub: @dasaderi
Cohort: C

Danny Rayman Labrin


Lawyer from Chile, in 2017 I moved to Berlin. I study a LL.M. of International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. I had worked and I still work for NGOs in research and litigation about human rights, in particularly in digital rights. I also worked as Photographer making interviews and photos for different webzines. The above both are my interests that mark my path and I try to combine them.
Area of Expertise: Project Lead; Digital Rights Advocacy and Litigation; Photography; Interviews
Language: Spanish, German
Twitter: @dannyrayman
GitHub: @dannyrayman
Cohort: D

David Bild

Chicago, IL, USA

David is an educator in Chicago where he runs teen programs focused on urban ecology and environmental science. Teens in his program develop projects following open-science principles, use low-cost and DIY sampling methods, and create media-rich digital maps and other data visualizations that are posted on project websites.
Area of Expertise: Science Education, Environmental Education, Connected Learning, Secondary Education, Out-of-school time learning, Open Science, Mapping
Language: Spanish (Basic-Intermediate)
Twitter: @dbild
GitHub: @dbild
Cohort: E

Derek Howard


I have broad interests in cellular/molecular neuroscience and mental health. I am interested in the novel use and integration of open data in a variety of contexts.
Area of Expertise: Open science, neuroscience, genetics
Language: French
Twitter: @internautderek
GitHub: @derekhoward
Cohort: D

Dilrukshi Gamage


I am a PhD student at University of Moratuwa researching on how can we build effective learning system for large scale of students. Main research areas are Open learning at scale and Human Computer Interaction. I embrace peer learning and thinking a world of networked learning connections triggering each time when new knowledge created. Other than my main research, I take leading roles in to close the gap between women entering to Technical fields. I envision a context independent world to do whatever interest to you ,whenever you want by where ever you work by simple digital interactions.
Area of Expertise: Massive Open Online Courses, Open Education, Human Computer Interaction Social science perspective
Twitter: @Dilrukshi_ISaC
GitHub: @iceLearn
Cohort: B


Dehgam, Gandhinagar, India

Area of Expertise: digital inclusion, especially local collaborative and approaches
Language: Hindi, Gujarati
Twitter: @drashtipandya1
GitHub: @drashti4
Cohort: C

Edoardo Viola

Cagliari, Italy

Edoardo Viola is a Technical Office Manager for a little Biotech Corp and a Tutor within the University of Cagliari in Italy. Besides him formal activities, he’s a singer, a developer, a community coach and help the citizens to build and improve their digital skills!
Area of Expertise: Management, ICT, Community, Electronic
Language: Italian, Spanish
Twitter: @edovio
GitHub: @edovio
Cohort: A

Elisabeth Sylvan

Mountain View CA

Elisabeth Sylvan is Maker in Residence at the KCI Makerspace and Senior Research Scientist at the San Francisco-based nonprofit, NEXMAP. She has a lifelong passion for sociotechnical systems that support creativity, shared knowledge and collaboration. Her current open project is Open Data/Open Minds, which supports young learners to develop data literacy through developing their own scientific investigations.
Area of Expertise: education, making, data literacy
Twitter: @lisard
GitHub: @esylvan
Cohort: E

Elizabeth DuPre

Montreal, QC, CAN

I’m a doctoral student in the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University. I study how brain networks interact, and help develop tools to provide us with a more reliable, interpretable picture of those interactions.
Area of Expertise: Python package development, package documentation (using Sphinx)
Twitter: @emdupre
GitHub: @emdupre_
Cohort: C

Felipe Do Espirito Santo

Jaboticabal - São Paulo -Brazil

Felipe is a Professor at FATEC in Taquaritinga (a small town of São Paulo state in Brazil), graduated in Data Processing and have graduate studies in IT Governance and Management. Since 2006 works with web development, and 3 years ago started volunteering at Mozilla involved in Mozilla Clubs, Mozilla Campus Clubs (CAC member, and Regional Coordinator), Tech Speakers, Mozilla Reps, and local community engagement/development.
Area of Expertise: Education and Web dev related topics.
Language: Portuguese
Twitter: @felipez3r0
GitHub: @felipez3r0
Cohort: E

Felix Henninger

Mannheim (Germany)

Budding scientist, trying to help untangle how decisions are formed, and to understand how we deal with an uncertain world. Fascinated by research as a craft, would love to make reproducible, open research more common by building tools that make it easy. Besides: Dreamer, tinkerer, explorer, dilettante-of-all-trades.
Area of Expertise: Open Science / Research Software Engineering, Open Data
Language: German
Twitter: @felixhenninger
GitHub: @felixhenninger
Cohort: A

Grant R. Vousden-Dishington

Mountain View, CA, USA

A computer scientist turned neuroscientist, aiming to make sense of the brains electrical bits.
Area of Expertise: Machine Learning, Computer Science, Neuroscience
Twitter: @usethespacebar
GitHub: @GrantRVD
Cohort: B

Guillermo Movia

Buenos Aires

Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, my career has been focused on working with free software communities and researching their work. I’m a member of Mozilla community since 2005 and co-organize Hackshackers Buenos Aires community. As part of my extensive involvement in open source communities, I have built open source networks in both Latin America and Europe.
Area of Expertise: Free software, web development
Language: Spanish
Twitter: @deimidis
GitHub: @deimidis
Cohort: B

Hao Ye

Gainesville, Florida, USA

I am a University of Florida Postdoc and Moore Data Fellow. My research is in how ecological communities persist and change over time and exploring the stability-complexity question with data. I have a general interest in making STEM/academia more accessible and inclusive through open science training and culture change.
Area of Expertise: time series, complex systems, ecology, R, open science, reproducibility
Twitter: @hao_and_y
GitHub: @ha0ye
Cohort: C

Harry Smith

Lancaster, UK

Student at Lancaster University studying Natural Sciences specializing in Maths and Physics. I’ve been with Mozilla since 2014 and helping in a variety of areas including mentoring for Open Leaders for several of the last cohorts. I’ve got a particular interest in quantum technologies and its wider impacts on the world at large as well as bridging the gap between experts with in professions and the wider populous.
Area of Expertise: Well science wise Physics and Mathematics, I also work on organising events and how to approach starting things like charity campaigns or schemes.
Twitter: @Zebetus
GitHub: @Zebetus
Cohort: A

Hildah Nyakwaka

Nairobi, Kenya

A young woman after tech’s own heart with a passionate dedication to open education and African women’s online and offline participation in all important affairs.
Area of Expertise: Open Education, Women and the Web, Digital Inclusion
Language: Swahili, German
Twitter: @nyakwakah
GitHub: @nyakwakah
Cohort: D

Ivo Jimenez

Santa Cruz

PhD candidate at the UCSC Systems Research Lab (SRL) and Center for Open Source Software Research (CROSS). Interested in all things data, science and reproducibility. Popper project leader (
Area of Expertise: Reproducibility, devops, sciops, open science, open data
Language: Español
Twitter: @ivotron
GitHub: @ivotron
Cohort: D

Jason Heppler

Omaha, NE

Jason A. Heppler, PhD, is the Digital Engagement Librarian at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he leads initiatives in public history and digital engagement. He is currently completing his first book, Suburban by Nature: Silicon Valley and the Transformation of American Environmental Politics, under contract with the University of Oklahoma Press.
Area of Expertise: Open data, design, Open Educational Resources, JavaScript, data visualizations, D3.js, R, data analytics/science, data management
Twitter: @hepplerj
GitHub: @jaheppler
Cohort: C

Jeffrey Keefer

New York City

Director of Training & Knowledge Management; Adjunct Professor of Management and Systems
Area of Expertise: Training, Knowledge Management, Research, Instructional Design
Language: some French (though would like to improve it and would be happy to work with anybody in France!!).
Twitter: @JeffreyKeefer
GitHub: @JeffreyKeefer
Cohort: A

Joel Ostblom


I’m a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto, where I use computational and experimental approaches to better understand fundamental stem cell decisions. Outside school, I enjoy playing ice hockey, eating and making food, being in nature, and figuring out how I can maximize the time I spend inside vim.
Area of Expertise: Python (mostly the scientific stack), data analysis/wrangling, data visualization, reproducible science, pandoc/markdown manuscript writing, cell biology (mostly stem cells), working with the Linux shell, vim.
Language: Swedish
Twitter: @joelostblom
GitHub: @joelostblom
Cohort: B

John Cummings

Paris, France

I work as Wikimedian in Residence at UNESCO helping them to share their knowledge through Wikimedia projects and promote Open Access. I previously at worked at Natural History Museum and Science Museum in London and I helped run Wikimania 2014. I started MonmouthpediA, the first Wikipedia town. I am on the leadership team for WYSE International, a youth leadership charity.
Area of Expertise: Wikis, building support for open licensing in organisations
Twitter: @mrjohnc
GitHub: @mrjohnc
Cohort: B

Jon Tennant

Berlin, Germany

Rogue palaeontologist and independent science communicator and consultant.
Area of Expertise: Dinosaurs. Open Science.
Twitter: @protohedgehog
GitHub: @Protohedgehog
Cohort: D

Jose Carlos Urra Llanusa


I am 32 years old Cuban, Industrial and Interaction designer, currently living in Delft. Interested in circular economy, open source and sustainable development.
Area of Expertise: open hardware, scrum, git and github for none software people, open design, communication files, like readmes and contributing guidelines.
Language: Spanish
Twitter: @jurra
GitHub: @jose_urra86
Cohort: B

Josefina Caro Magaña


I am a Political Scientist from Chile living in Berlin. My interests are Human Rights in particular Gender Equality, International Affairs and Latin American culture. I have worked for projects and organizations both for the State and also for NGOs.
Area of Expertise: Translations spanish - portuguese - english, gender and equality, advocacy
Language: Spanish, Portuguese, a little of German (level B1)
Twitter: @Pepalisperguer
GitHub: @pepalisperguer
Cohort: D


Nairobi, Kenya

Wathagi is a student in her final year of Law School in Kenya. Her interests are Internet Governance, Youth Advocacy, Human Rights and Travel. She is the Vice President/ Co-founder of Digital Grassroots where she has embarked on a journey to increase Digital Citizenship. Follow her on Twitter @Wathagindungu
Language: Swahili (Fluent), German (Basic to Conversational, Turkish (Beginner)
Twitter: @wathagindungu
GitHub: @wathagindungu
Cohort: A

Julieta Arancio

Geneva, Switzerland

PhD candidate working on Open Hardware from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Interested in community science and democratisation of science & technology. Proud member of R’lyeh Hacklab in Buenos Aires and the Global Open Science Hardware (GOSH) community. Love jamming :D
Area of Expertise: Open Hardware - Environmental sciences - Community science
Language: Spanish, Portuguese
Twitter: @thessaly
GitHub: @cassandreces
Cohort: A

Katja Heuer


Katja is an artist, philologist and neuroscientist. She studied Fine Arts, English and French Studies, and she is currently a PhD student in neuroscience working in Paris. Her work uses brain imaging, and she is developing various open Web applications, such as BrainBox ( and MicroDraw ( focusing her research on brain development, she is also working on projects at the interface between art and neuroscience.
Area of Expertise: neuroscience, JavaScript, art
Language: German, French
Twitter: @katjaQheuer
GitHub: @katjaq
Cohort: A

Krysta McNutt

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Krysta is the Open Education Program Lead at the University of Alberta, Canada. She teaches project management part time and runs a small leadership coaching business part-time. Her journey as an open practitioner and facilitator began in 2014 when she was selected by the Campus Alberta OER Initiative steering committee to manage a 3-year $2M provincial initiative funded by the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education. She facilitates and presents on topics related to open education advocacy, development, and practices throughout Alberta.

With over ten years experience working in the post secondary system, she project managed the largest Google Apps migration in Canada (University of Alberta), and consulted as change manager for the first Canadian city to “go Google” (City of Edmonton). Her background in leading change initiatives in the post secondary system and leadership development coaching allows her to tackle social change efforts through the lens of identity (personal and professional) and community learning.

Krysta is certified in Organizational Change Management with Prosci, holds a PMP designation through the Project Management Institute, and trained as a Co-Active Coach and Playing Big Leadership Facilitator.
Area of Expertise: Open Education, Organizational Change, Project Management, Coaching, Learning and Development
Twitter: @mcnuttsays
GitHub: @mcnuttsays

Laura Morinigo

London, United Kindom

Laura is a Google Developer Expert in Firebase, entrepreneur, and mentor. She has been involved in the tech industry over 10 years, working with different technologies as a fullstack developer and getting involved with education projects teaching coding. She is one of the organizers of GDG Cloud London and Women Techmakers lead. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she has been a digital nomad for about one year, traveling around; doing talks, workshops and connecting with the local tech communities. While she was on the road she created with her co-founders DMode Labs: a software company that promotes diversity and remote working.
Area of Expertise: Development Mentor Public Speaking
Language: yes: spanish, portuguese
Twitter: @lala_morinigo
GitHub: @lauramorinigo
Cohort: D

Luca Maria Castiglione

London, UK

PhD student in Computing at Imperial College (October 2018) and MS in computer science and engineering at University of Napoli Federico II. Just another open source addict, his interests are mainly in security , privacy and machine learning. Luca leads the development of Thalos, an open tool that aims to provide anonymous and encrypted file storage and sharing in internet.
Area of Expertise: As computer engineer I would like to share my knowledge in the field of network security, privacy and cryptography, low level programming (C) and high level programming (Java and JavaScript)
Language: Italian
Twitter: @ecleipteon
GitHub: @ecleipteon
Cohort: C

Lucia Trias

Berlin , Germany

I´m an Uruguayan designer based in Berlin. Beyond the different works I have done - costume, fashion, product design and graphic- I would like to highlight one key common aspect on all of them: the constant search of new meanings in design as a social discipline through co-desing processes and the use of design thinking tools. I got to know the Moz.O.Leadership programme last year due to the project Beyond Activismo which took part on it.
Area of Expertise: Design research, design thinking, design thinking tools,
Language: Spanish (mothertounge) and German ( intermediate)
Twitter: @triaslucia1
GitHub: @triaslucia
Cohort: C

Lukas Geiger

Aachen, Germany

Area of Expertise: non-institutional science/DIY, community,
Language: German
Twitter: @_lgeiger
GitHub: @lgeiger
Cohort: B

Manasvi M Lalwani

Jersey City

I am a UX Designer at heart working as a Data Vis practitioner at Axis Group, New Jersey.
Area of Expertise: User Experience Design, Data Visualization, Data Literacy
Language: Hindi
Twitter: @gnawesomething
GitHub: @manasvil
Cohort: B

María Cruz

San Francisco, California

I am from Buenos Aires, and I live in San Francisco. My area of expertise is communication and outreach, including storytelling with data. I currently work for the Wikimedia Foundation, focusing on creating learning resources, promoting community stories in different contexts, and training community members on two skills: storytelling and project management.
Area of Expertise: Strategic communications planning, storytelling with data, project planning and management, audience building
Language: Spanish
Twitter: @marianarra_
GitHub: @macruzbar
Cohort: D

Maria Laura Rodriguez

Toronto, Canada

Software Engineer/ Sr Developer at Mentor at Nature Lover/
Area of Expertise: Software Development/ Open Source/ .NET/
Language: Spanish
Twitter: @rod_laura
GitHub: @laura-rodriguez
Cohort: D

Mario García

Tapachula, Mexico

Free and Open Source Software Enthusiast. Speaker. Backend developer with experience in Python and Rust. Founder and leader of Python Chiapas. Mozillian. Mozilla Reps. Blogger.
Area of Expertise: Backend development (Python & Rust), Education, Version control (Git). GitHub, Community building, Event organization
Language: Spanish
Twitter: @mariogmd
GitHub: @mattdark
Cohort: B

Mark Whiting

Stanford, California

Mark is a postdoc in the HCI group in Computer Science at Stanford. He's fascinated by how we make decisions and what we can do to do that better, individually, in communities, and as a species. To this end, he studies how to design automated decision systems and how to understand groups of people so we might design communities to achieve specific goals.
Area of Expertise: Crowdsourcing, teams, HCI
Twitter: @markwhiting
GitHub: @markwhiting
Cohort: B

Maya Wagoner

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Maya was recently a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow at the Brooklyn Public Library, working on increasing access to the internet and digital literacy education in an open, community-driven way. She is biracial (black/white), a proud Californian, a capoerista, and aspirational cat owner.
Area of Expertise: User research, user experience design
Language: no
Twitter: @mayawagon
GitHub: @mayawagon
Cohort: E

Meag Doherty

Washington, DC

I am an open data advocate and civic technologist with a background in policy, UX, and development. My current area of focus is user research and service design within the U.S. government; and bringing 21st Century skills training into UX.
Area of Expertise: data literacy, UX
Twitter: @meagdoh
GitHub: @EmDohh
Cohort: E

Minn Soe

London, United Kingdom

I’m a Software Engineer in Artificial Intelligence with a passion for explaining and demonstrating technical topics to laypeople. I’ve built systems to open access to scientific output at CERN and to build globally accessible predictive and diagnostic healthcare AI. I have supported project leads building awareness around diversity and inclusion in emerging technologies, an open framework to engage communities and build momentum around events, and software for civic applications. I would be honored to help develop open practices for your cause, organisation, or project.
Area of Expertise: * Software Engineering (mostly in, but not limited to, Python and Javascript)
DevOps (CI/CD pipelines, orchestration and cloud services)
Hardware Prototyping (2D and 3D CAD, CNC, SLA Printing and Laser Cutting)
Language: Burmese (native), French (CEFR A2)
Twitter: @minn_so
GitHub: @MinnSoe
Cohort: E

Mmaki Jantjies

Cape Town

Academic specializing in education technology, e-governance and e- health in developing countries research. Leads an NGO focusing on innovation and digital skills amongest young women and men. Intestered in Education Technology, Women in STEM, digital literacy, open and inclusive innovation.
Area of Expertise: Education technology, Women in STEM, Digital Literacy, Inclusive innovation
Language: Setswana, isiZulu, Sesotho, Sepedi
Twitter: @MmakiJ
Cohort: E

Mónica Bonilla

Bogotá, Colombia

Hello! My name is Monica Bonilla, I am from Colombia and I am a linguist and researcher. I have worked on projects of inclusion, empowerment and digital literacy with different communities, especially with speakers of indigenous languages from several Latin American countries.
Area of Expertise: Monica is a research and linguist. Since 2013 started volunteering at Mozilla envolved in l10n Mozilla, Mozilla Colombia Community and Mozilla Reps. She has background in inclusion digital, web literacy programs and empowerment of local communities. Interested in science in Information technology, working open and make the Internet better, also in how to leverage technology in solving social and cultural problems. Research, Diversity and Inclusion, Web literacy, Multilinguism, Documentation, Curriculum design management and implimentaion, Open access, open science.
Language: Spanish (ML)
Twitter: @Gutemonik
GitHub: @Gutemonik
Cohort: A

Natalie Garcia

New York, New York

Natalie Garcia is Senior Web Content Editor at The Trust for Public Land, where she works on Parkology, an online resource and community that aims to increase local park stewardship and park creation by empowering communities. Previously, Garcia worked in marketing and communications at Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, Wave Hill, and The Nature Conservancy, focusing on creating engaging content to promote access to nature. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies with a minor in Urban Ecology from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, where she graduated cum laude. Born and raised in the Bronx, Garcia enjoys running marathons, indulging in good food, and exploring new places.
Area of Expertise:
Twitter: @garciajnatalie
GitHub: @garciajnatalie
Cohort: B

Nikesh Balami

Balaju-16, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nikesh represents two non-profit organization - Open Knowledge Nepal and Code for Nepal, both working to improve digital literacy and open data sector of Nepal.
Area of Expertise: GitHub, Web Programming, Research, Marketing, Outreach
Language: Nepali, Hindi
Twitter: @nikeshbalami
GitHub: @nikeshbalami
Cohort: C

Paul Villoutreix

Tel Aviv, Israel

Postdoc at the Weizmann Institute of Science - Visiting fellow of the Center for Data Arts - Lead The Embryo Digital Atlas - I love bright colors and twisted shapes
Area of Expertise: Scientific data visualization, interactive data visualization, applied mathematics, microscopy, open data, open science, WebVR
Language: French
Twitter: @paulvilloutreix
GitHub: @paulvill
Cohort: A

Peter Grabitz

Berlin, Germany

Medical student from Berlin. Former Associate Technical Officer @WHOatEU. Access to knowledge.
Area of Expertise: Access to medicines/ Open (health) data
Language: French
Twitter: @peterrolandg
GitHub: @petergrabitz
Cohort: D

Peter Omondi Ochieng

Kisumu, Kenya

I am a Network Technician by profession, Certificate in Management Information Systems, IT Officer In Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital Kisumu (6 Years), Volunteer at Lakehub Community, Village Code mentor, Technovation Mentor and currently working at PodiiHQ as a Junior Developer and Logistics Officer.
Area of Expertise: Networking, Management Information Systems, System Administration, Social Media Marketing Strategist, Ruby on Rails developer and Android basics.
Language: Swahili
Twitter: @pomosly
GitHub: @pomochieng
Cohort: C

Pranshu Khanna


I’m an Electronics & Communication Engineer who loves to work with hardware which I can code, especially through the web. Love to design, and love clean designs. I’m always working on something and with someone. A Mozillian in my region and I love to work Open.
Area of Expertise: Web Literacy, Decentralization, Web of Things
Language: Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi
Twitter: @pransh15
GitHub: @pransh15
Cohort: D

Renata Aquino Ribeiro


Researcher, interested in internet governance, diversity, indigenous and vulnerable population, gender issues. From Fortaleza, Ceara, Northeast Brazil, working also in Amazonian and Caribbean regions.
Area of Expertise: Digital inclusion, Community building,
Language: Portuguese, Spanish
Twitter: @renataaquino
GitHub: @renataaquino
Cohort: A

Rob Schaefer

Denver, CO

I am a data scientist and software developer working in agricultural research. I’m studying nutritional quality in corn and researching metabolic disease in the horse. When I’m not in front of a computer screen, I’m on a yoga mat. Currently live in Denver, CO!
Area of Expertise: Python, Bioinformatics, Statisitcs, Javascript, Databases, Genetics
Twitter: @CSciBio
GitHub: @schae234
Cohort: A

Rute Correia

Lisbon, Portugal

I am a radio person and open content geek from Lisbon, Portugal. For nearly a decade, I have produced and hosted White Market Podcast, an advocate podcast about free music and free culture. I am also a Communication PhD student at ISCTE - IUL, building the bridge betweet community radio stations and open source.
Area of Expertise: Content production; podcasting; community radio; open culture
Language: Portuguese
Twitter: @WhiteMarketCast
GitHub: @aariops
Cohort: C

Sabrina Izcovich

Madrid, Spain

I am a computer scientist working as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon Spain. I was born in Paris and I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied at the University of Buenos Aires. I love learning, teaching, programming, running and arts.
Area of Expertise: Programming, teaching, mentoring, Computer Science
Language: French and Spanish
GitHub: @sizcovich
Cohort: D

Sam Muirhead


I’m an animator, documentary filmmaker, and long-time advocate of Open Source in fields beyond software - from sustainable open source hardware and Circular Economy, to parametric underwear, and animation for activism. Based in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.
Area of Expertise: Open Source, Community Building, Free Culture, Video, Circular Economy, Animation
Language: German
Twitter: @cameralibre
GitHub: @cameralibre
Cohort: E

Samantha Ahern

Live: Huntingdon, Work: London

I am a member of the Digital Education team at University College London, I work in London but live in Cambridgeshire. I like to escape the city at the end of the day. I’ve spent the last 18 months exploring learning analytics and the associated ethical considerations, simultaneously I have been working with colleagues in Research IT Services to develop online training courses as OER. Expertise - education / pedagogy, information security and an understanding of machine learning basics.
Area of Expertise: Learning design, accessibility and OER
Twitter: @2standandstare
GitHub: @quirksahern
Cohort: A

Sarah Melton

Boston, MA

Sarah Melton is the Head of Digital Scholarship at Boston College Libraries, where her team explores and documents new tools and supports teaching and research using broad methodologies. Sarah received her PhD from Emory University’s Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts.
Area of Expertise: open access, libraries, digital humanities
Twitter: @WorldCatLady
GitHub: @svmelton
Cohort: D

Sarah Morris

Austin, TX

I’m a librarian, educator, and curriculum designer living in Austin, TX. I’m interested in media, news, and web literacy, and I’ve taught learners ranging from preschool to grad school.
Area of Expertise: curriculum design, coming to GitHub as a non-coder, web literacy
Twitter: @NucleusATX
GitHub: @secmorris
Cohort: E



Solange TUYISENGE is a woman Engineer living in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. She has a vision of bridging the digital divide in her country by increasing digital literacy among the citizens especially those in under served communities. She also enjoys encouraging young girls to join STEM related domains and mentors them through different career building activities.
Area of Expertise: Hosting IT applications, Data Analysis and supporting young women in tech
Language: French, Kinyarwanda
Twitter: @shamusoso
GitHub: @shamusoso
Cohort: B

Sydney Swaine-Simon

Montreal, Canada

Born and raised in Montreal, my mission in life is to:Catalyze innovation, Push for accessible Neurotech, Empower people through education in entrepreneurship and technology.About three years ago I cofounded one of the larger incubators in Quebec called District 3 which provides free support for startups. I fell in love with the maker ideology in 2013 during a visit to my first maker fair in New York which shifted my energy towards pushing for accessible neurotechnology.Currently, I’m a co-founder of NeurotechX, a non-profit organization which is facilitating the advancement of Neurotechnology by offering networking opportunities and learning resources and open source tools.
Area of Expertise: Neurotechnology, project management, team building, Product Management
Language: French
Twitter: @syswsi
GitHub: @syswsi
Cohort: B

Tania Allard

Manchester, United Kingdom

Area of Expertise: Open science, biomechanics, mechratronics, research software engineering, education
Language: Spanish, French
Twitter: @ixek
GitHub: @trallard
Cohort: A

Uriel Jurado

Mexico City

I believe that people can build wonderful things working together. I’m from Mexico and I love Rock Music and Pattern Recognition.
Area of Expertise: Advocacy, Open Inclusion and User Expertise.
Language: Spanish and some Portuguese
Cohort: C

Valentin De Negri Fischer


I’m currently based in Berlin. I study Law at Europa Universität Vidrina. The rest of my time I work at a legal tech startup and do podcast for independent radio stations in Berlin about human rights issues.
Area of Expertise: Journalism, audio production, team communication
Language: German, Spanish
Twitter: @denegrifischer
GitHub: @denefi
Cohort: C

Yo Yehudi


Software Engineer at InterMine in the University of Cambridge. Loves Open Source, quiet working spaces, sci fi, bicycles, and veggies.
Area of Expertise: Web development (including JavaScript, HTML, markdown - happy to help with weird bugs!), Usability
Language: Hebrew
Twitter: @yoyehudi
GitHub: @yochannah
Cohort: D


Adisa Bolutife

Lagos, Nigeria
I am an Electronics engineer and Open Access advocate based in Lagos, Nigeria. Co-founder/Programs Director at Digital Grassroots. I was an Internet Society Fellow to the 2017 United Nations’ Internet Governance Forum in Geneva + OpenCon 2017 Alumnus, passionate about advancing a more open knowledge sharing process on the Internet, hence my interest in Internet literacy. Hobbies include cooking and R.
Area of Expertise: Internet Governance, Digital Literacy, Youth engagement
Twitter: @bologger
GitHub: @bologger

Akshay Roongta

Mumbai, India
I am a design researcher, and have worked in the areas of renewable energy, sanitation and hygiene amongst others. I am interested in active participation, democratization and decentralisation in general, but my work focuses on these principles in social impact projects at scale.
Area of Expertise: Design Thinking, Human centred Design, Strategy, Social Impact
Language: Hindi
Twitter: @akshayroongta
GitHub: @clownbigmole

Alissa Nedossekina

West Lafayette, IN
Alissa Nedossekina is a User Experience Architect at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN USA. Alissa is a senior web developer at HUBzero open source platform for scientific collaboration and a UX design lead for the medical device data analytics platform REMEDI. Her interests are in user experience, design thinking, front-end development and design of healthcare applications.
Area of Expertise: web development, user experience, UI and interaction design
Language: Russian, French, Dutch (basic)
Twitter: @snowwitje
GitHub: @snowwitje

Amel Ghouila

Tunis, Tunisia
Bioinformatician @Institut Pasteur de Tunis/H3ABionetTechnovation Regional ambassador
Area of Expertise: Bioinformatics; community building; youth education
Language: French
Twitter: @AmelGhouila
GitHub: @AmelGH

Amy Schapiro

San Francisco, California, USA
I am an experienced program manager, community organizer, social worker, educator, and diversity and inclusion advocate, currently overseeing a global cohort of fellows as a Senior Program Officer at Mozilla Foundation.
Area of Expertise: Program management, diversity and inclusion, social work, leadership development, human-centered program design
Language: Spanish
Twitter: @aschapi

Andrew Nelson

New York, NY

Area of Expertise: Design, research, food security, hacktivism, open internet, civic tech, HCI
Twitter: @werdnanoslen
GitHub: @werdnanoslen

Anna Krystalli

Sheffield, UK
I’m an ex-Macroecologist and current Research Software Engineer at the University of Sheffield. I help researchers do more with their code and data :)
Area of Expertise: rstats, Reproducibility, Research software and data management
Language: Greek
Twitter: @annakrystalli
GitHub: @annakrystalli

Anubha Maneshwar

Nagpur, India
Founder- GirlScript India
Area of Expertise: Front End Devlopment, Diversity and Inclusion, Open Source
Language: Hindi, Marathu
Twitter: @anubhamane
GitHub: @anubhamane

Apoorvaa Gupta

I study Computer Engineering in Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi. I am an enthusiastic open source contributor at Coding Blocks and Mozilla. I have mentored over 200 students in Web development courses at Coding Blocks as a Teaching Assistant. I build web apps in Ember, NodeJs and PostgreSQL, and Android apps!
Area of Expertise: Web Development, Javascript, Java, Android Development, C++
Twitter: @apoorvaagupta
GitHub: @apoorvaagupta

Apostolos Kritikos

Thessaloniki, Greece
Software Engineer born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. Co-founder and CTO at Social Mind. Researcher on the fields of Open Source and Software Resilience
Area of Expertise: Open Source Software Engineering, Project Management, Software Resilience, Project Planning, Requirement Analysis
Language: Greek
Twitter: @akritiko
GitHub: @akritiko

Ben Chrobot

Brooklyn, New York
I work in New York City with the Mason Lab at Weill Cornell Medicine building software for computational genomics research. Prior to that I worked with the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network building a platform for monitoring lake and water quality around the world.
Area of Expertise: Data visualization, software architecture, interfacing with scientists
GitHub: @bchrobot‏

Berhan Taye

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Berhan leads Access Now’s #KeepItOn campaign.

Area of Expertise: Data Visualisation, qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis, digital inclusion and right issues, open data, and internet shutdown issues.
Language: Amharic
Twitter: @btayeg
GitHub: @btayeg

Bhavya Aggarwal

I am a senior year B.E. Computer Science student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.I have been working as a Web And Android Developer for past 2 years.
Area of Expertise: Nodejs, Web Development
Language: Hindi
Twitter: @bhavyaagg
GitHub: @bhavyaagg

Boris van Hoytema

My mission is to create an Open Source ecosystem for cities. As a part of this I am the Open Source advisor for the City of Amsterdam and am programme manager for collaboration of the EU SCORE consortium of cities that co-develop software. I’m also co-founding the Foundation For Public Code.
Area of Expertise: Public Code, Government, Open Source, Public Broadcasting
Language: Dutch
Twitter: @bvhme
GitHub: @bvhme

Brian Bot

Seattle, WA
Principal Scientist
Area of Expertise: open research / genomics / communities around open data
Twitter: @BrianMBot
GitHub: @brian-bot

Chandan Baba

Computer Grad, Developer at Lionbridge, Avid Lover of jQuery , Comics and Open Source. Proud Mozillian and Social media buddy for Mozilla India.
Area of Expertise: Web Development , jQuery, Blogs, Open Leadership, community building,github , SUMO
Language: Hindi
Twitter: @t4templates
GitHub: @cbaba20

Christel Steigenberger

Christel studied Social Work and worked in youth services, professionally supported handicapped people and people with different kinds of mental disabilities for many years. She was always a curious reader, writes poetry herself and joined the internet in 1998 to talk about literature first. She became involved with Wikipedia in 2014 and is working for the Wikimedia Foundation since July 2017.
Area of Expertise: Inclusiveness, diversity, Trust and Safety issues
Language: German, very basic French and Italian
GitHub: @Kritzolina

Christopher Madan

Nottingham, UK
I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham (UK). I study memory using a combination of cognitive psychology, neuroimaging, and computational modeling methods. I am particularly interested in what factors makes some experiences more memorable than others and how these influences can manifest in future behavior, such as decision making. I also specialize in characterizing inter-individual differences in brain morphology, particularly with respect to aging, dementia, and cognitive abilities.
Area of Expertise: scientific programming; psychology; neuroscience
Language: none
Twitter: @cMadan
GitHub: @cMadan

Christos Bacharakis

Berlin, Germany
Hi I am Christos and I am part of open source communities for the last 10 years. I love photography, basketball and making stuff in the local hackerspace.
Area of Expertise:
GitHub: @bacharakis

Cybelle Oliveira

São Paulo
Proudly took part in Open Leaders V; alumni Outreachy as Tor intern, contributes in the Tor Project and Mozilla for some years; one of the Cryptorave's organizer, the largest free crypto party in the world; engaged in diverse communities and groups such as diversity and inclusion in tech, feminist activism, privacy defenders, etc.
Area of Expertise: Digital Privacy, Anonymity, Privacy Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion in tech, Women Empowerment, Community Management, Feminist approach
Language: portuguese, a bit of spanish
Twitter: @cyb3113

Daina Bouquin

Cambridge, MA
I'm Head Librarian at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. At the CfA I focus on finding new ways to lower barriers that impact the astronomy community’s ability to create and share their work. I hold a MS in Data Analytics in addition to my MLIS
Area of Expertise: Digital Preservation, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Data Analytics, Computational Mathematics
Twitter: @dainabouquin
GitHub: @dbouquin

Daniel Villar-Onrubia

I work at Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL) as Principal Innovation Lead. My work focuses on the adoption of digital practices and cultures within Higher Education, with a special interest in Open Education, online media literacies and Internet-based intercultural collaborations. During the 5th cohort of the Mozilla Open Leaders I led on the development of the Open Web for Learning and Teaching Expertise Hub (OWLTEH).
Area of Expertise: open educational practices, educational technology, digital literacy
Twitter: @drdvo GitHub: @villaronrubia

Danielle Robinson

Portland, OR, USA
Co-Executive Director Code for Science
Area of Expertise: Sustainable project strategy and governance, community organizing, science policy, open data
Twitter: @daniellecrobins
GitHub: @daniellecrobinson

Dano Morrison

Toronto, Canada
Dano has experience in both neuroscience and software development. Originally a researcher in the field of memory and neuroplasticity, Dano pivoted to building apps and websites that involve the brain once he realized he could have the greatest impact with code. Coding experience in React Native, React.js, and Python.
Area of Expertise: App development, neuroscience, community building
Twitter: @sequencedc
GitHub: @jdpigeon

Dellicia Shorter

Franklin, Massachusetts
Mozilla College Campus Regional Coach
Area of Expertise: Education Leadership, Student Outreach/Mentorship, Advocacy
Language: Moderate Spanish

Di Luong

New York City
I am a multilingual researcher passionate about technology for human rights. I previously worked on rural Internet connectivity and telecommunication regulations in the Global South. My project received a bronze prize from Making All Voices Count at the 2015 Global Innovation Competition. Currently you can find me nerding out to all things algorithms and predictive policing during my Ford/MDF Tech Exchange fellowship.
Area of Expertise: I could present on how to manage an open project during the cohort.
Twitter: @fourthletter
GitHub: @fourthlettr

Diogo Aguiam

Braga, Portugal
I am an Electronics Engineer with passion for systems integration, and with a PhD in Physics where I developed microwave diagnostics for Nuclear Fusion. Now I am a researcher at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in Braga, Portugal. I try to promote Open Science as much as possible in my work and within my institute.
Area of Expertise: Scientific signal processing, Radar, open source scientific software, Electronics
Language: Portuguese
Twitter: @daguiam
GitHub: @digooaguiam

Elliott Stevens

Seattle, WA
I am a Research Commons & English Studies Librarian at the University of Washington, Seattle. My research interests are in digital storytelling and in the value of written reflection done while on the job.
Area of Expertise: Teaching, storytelling, digital scholarship, instructional design, written reflection
Twitter: @rhoadsstevens
GitHub: @rhoadsstevens

Erin Cole

San Diego, CA
Erin studies computer science at UC San Diego. Her current areas of focus are data science and cyber security.
Area of Expertise: I think I would be most helpful in sharing about collaboration and community building because I felt this is where I learned most. I am not an expert concerning some topics about collaboration, but I like the idea of using my project as a case study because the community support I needed was a little unique, but emphasizes some of the essential needs of effective community building.
GitHub: @erindcole

Erin Tripp

Erin’s into open source software, digital asset management, digital preservation, libraries,
Area of Expertise: Community building (e.g. project governance, financial models) and communications
Language: I speak some French and Spanish but it’s rusty.
Twitter: @erintripp
GitHub: @eeohalloran

Esther Mwema

Lusaka, Zambia
Esther Mwema is President of Digital Grassroots - a youth initiative to increase digital citizenship in local communities. She is also an independent Data Analyst and Researcher working to advance the interest of girls safety, women’s health and socioeconomic development through her youth-led organization SAFIGI Outreach Foundation in Zambia. Esther is a certified Open Knowledge Advocate, a trained World Youth Alliance member, a youth Fellow with Internet Society (ISOC) and a Mozilla Open Leader.
Area of Expertise: youth leadership, capacity building, creating grassroots programs, digital literacy, gender, online safety, safety programs, journalism
Twitter: @hadassahlouis
GitHub: @EstherMwema

Fahima Zulfath A

Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
An undergraduate student, very curious on learning new things and always love to indulge in working with a huge community. Member of Mozilla India having avid interest to host events. Often time off in online learning platforms, playing games and social media. Area of expertise:
Area of Expertise: Analog and Digital circuits, Electronic Testing, Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Web Literacy.
Language: Tamil
Twitter: @FahimaZulfath
GitHub: @FahimaZulfath

Frederick Sigalla

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Internet entrepreneur
Area of Expertise: Startups, project management, software development
Language: Swahili
Twitter: @mwakaswanga
GitHub: @mwakaswanga

Gracielle Higino

I am a PhD candidate and I live in a lovely Brazilian city called Goiânia. I am in love with this journey, studying theoretical ecology and engaging with science communication and outreach.
Area of Expertise: Science Communication, Open Science, Reprodutibility.
Language: Portuguese
Twitter: @graciellehigino
GitHub: @graciellehigino

Hélène Martin

San Diego
My passion is computing for social impact. I spent several years introducing underrepresented groups to computer science. I now work in global development helping organizations with mobile data collection needs. When not in front of a computer I enjoy sewing clothes, traveling the world and hiking.
Area of Expertise: Open source governance, recognizing contributors of all backgrounds, infrastructure (continuous integration, Github, code quality tools, etc)
Language: French, Spanish (basic fluency, having a technical discussion would require some patience!)
Twitter: @lognaturel
GitHub: @purplespatula

James Akin

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
I work in the Boston area in the United States. With over 10 years of diverse wet lab/bench research experience, I have co-founded an open science startup where we are developing a tool to assist researchers in determining the reproducibility of an experiment, called ReFigure.
Area of Expertise:
GitHub: @j-joe-akin

Jason A. Clark

Bozeman, MT
librarian @msulibrary, associate professor, hacker/developer, author,
Area of Expertise: javascript, html, css, python, php, interface design, metadata, search engine optimization
Twitter: @jaclark
GitHub: @jasonclark

Jo Pauls

Brisbane, Australia
I am a postdoctoral researcher with The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, where I undertake research in the field of mechanical circulatory support. My colleagues and I aim to improve international collaboration and research outcomes within our field of research through open-source research.
Area of Expertise: Data Sharing / Community Building - Engagement
Language: German
GitHub: @jopauls

Jonathan O. Cain

Eugene, Oregon, USA
Jonathan Cain is a Head of Data Services and Librarian for Public Policy, Planning, and Management at University of Oregon Libraries. He was previously a Government Information Librarian at the University of Oregon Libraries, a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Hunter College (CUNY), and a Reference Associate at New York University Libraries. He holds an MS Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute, an MA Africana Studies from New York University, and a BS Anthropology from College of Charleston.
Area of Expertise: Data Management
Twitter: @walecain
GitHub: @walesinterest

Josh Wolf

Washington, DC
I began managing political campaigns in 2004; managing data, technology and reporting for political and advocacy campaigns in 2010 and leading operations, finance, governance, and administrative roles and responsibilities for 501c3, 501c4, and political action committees in 2012. My knowledge is primarily US Based.
Area of Expertise: Finance, Operations, and Administration are my passions.

Julia Kloiber

Julia is a researcher and designer who works at the intersection of technology and society. In 2016 she founded the Prototype Fund, Germany’s first open source funding program that supports technology projects for the public good. As part of the Open Knowledge Foundation, she has been running multiple initiatives that foster the reuse of open data and promote transparency. She is a Senior Fellow at Mozilla where she focuses on building public awareness to demand ethical internet technologies. Based in Berlin, she is currently researching emerging technologies and exploring future narratives.
Area of Expertise: Open Data, Civic Tech, Speculative Design, Leadership, Event organizing, Fundraising,
Language: German
Twitter: @j_kloiber
GitHub: @juliakloiber

Kade Morton

Wellington, New Zealand
I’m a security consultant by day and an open source evangelist by night.
Area of Expertise: information security, community management
Twitter: @cypath
GitHub: @KadeMorton

Karan Sapolia

Ahmedabad, India
Am a Computer Science undergrad at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, India. Love coding, Photography and Physics. Author of the ‘v8codecov’ npm package. Global finalist of the Youtube Spacelab competiton. Currently studying web browsers and JS compilers/interpreters like V8 and Webkit. Javascript, Machine Learning and Web Technologies are my thing. Am lately in love with Rust, Node, PWAs, React, Web Components and the connected JS ecosystem. OSS enthusiast. Working on positive, impactful and open tech disruption really motivates me.
Area of Expertise: Javascript (ES5+), Software Testing, React.js, Progressive Web Apps, Service Workers
Language: Hindi
Twitter: @karansapolia
GitHub: @karansapolia

Kirstie Whitaker

Cambridge, UK
Turing Institute research fellow studying adolescent brain development and Mozilla Science Lab fellowship alumna. Passionate advocate for reproducible research and improving diversity in STEMM fields. In her spare time she hangs out with her dog in the Lake District.
Area of Expertise: graph theory; neuroscience; reporting reproducible analyses; mental health; simple web development; hand holding through new and uncharted (by the mentee) waters
Twitter: @kirstie_j
GitHub: @KirstieJane

Lainie DeCoursy

Brooklyn, NY USA
Currently Senior Program Manager, Strategic Operations at Mozilla Foundation, where I oversee org-wide planning, reporting and gatherings (All Hands, Strategy Retreats, etc.). I’ve been with Mozilla for almost 7 years, working in communications and program management roles for a variety of projects at the Foundation. Prior to that, I worked in consumer PR for global online brands like AOL, eBay and LinkedIn, as well as some online start-ups during the first dot com boom/bust.

Area of Expertise: Program management, communications
GitHub: @ldecoursy

Lauren McCarthy

Los Angeles
Lauren McCarthy is an artist based in Los Angeles whose work examines how issues of surveillance, automation, and network culture affect our social relationships. She is the creator of p5.js, an open source JS platform that empowers artists, designers, students, and anyone to learn to code and express themselves creatively on the web.
Area of Expertise: community outreach, documentation, creating inclusive communities
Twitter: @laurmccarthy
GitHub: @lmccart

Lequanne Collins-Bacchus

Lequanne Collins-Bacchus is the founder of PAERE, a digital media consultancy for social change. She loves exploring possibilities at the intersection of art and technology.
Area of Expertise: augmented reality, virtual reality, incubators.
GitHub: @lequanne

Lucy Patterson

Freelance science hacker and community organiser. I’m one of the co-organisers of the annual volunteer-run community hackathon, Science Hack Day Berlin, that brings together scientists, artists, designers, developers and enthusiasts for collaborative hacking. Over recent years I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to advocating for support for DIY science: the practice or application of science outside of an institutional context. I am part of a collective space and community, Lacuna Lab, focussed on hybrid art practices involving science and technology and usually work as a freelance event organiser and community manager. I live in Berlin but am originally from the UK, and have a background in molecular biology.
Area of Expertise: Community building, communication, non-hierarchical organisation, coordination and facilitation of hackathons and collaborative events…
Language: German
Twitter: @lu_cyp
GitHub: @lucypatterson

Luke Johnston

Aarhus, Denmark
I am a post-doctoral researcher at Aarhus University in Denmark. I do diabetes epidemiology research, using the massive registry databases they have here in Denmark. My interests and expertise are in programming in R, teaching computing skills (Git, R, shell, etc), and using/learning statistics. I also do work to improve open science, coding knowledge and skill, and making it easier to share code and work in the open.
Area of Expertise: R, open science, statistics, health research
Twitter: @lwjohnst
GitHub: @lwjohnst86

Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher

Toronto, Canada
PhD student in physics @ University of Toronto studying CRISPR systems
Area of Expertise: Git/GitHub, Python, R, Bash, student organizations, open projects, teaching, leadership
Twitter: @mbonsma
GitHub: @mbonsma

Marcos Vinícius Carneiro Vital

Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil
Biologist and Quantitative Ecologist, work as a Lecturer and Researcher at Universidade Federal de Alagoas. I have a broad interest in several themes related to Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology (usually working with quantitative methods to investigate those themes), and over the last few years I have grown concerned about Scientific Communication and Open Science.
Area of Expertise: R language and Biostatistics; Working with git and GitHub (beginner level only!); Scientific Outreach; Lecturing, teaching and scientific education.
Language: Portuguese
Twitter: @marcosvcvital
GitHub: @marcosvital

Marios Isaakidis

London, UK
Marios Isaakidis (Prometheas) is a hacktivist developing Open Source tools that secure our digital freedoms. As a PhD student at University College London, he is researching the intersection of privacy and decentralization. In the past, he has lead the development of eQualitie’s CENO censorship circumvention tool, contributed to the Freenet anonymous publishing platform, and represented communities such as Mozilla and fedora.
Area of Expertise: Decentralization, Privacy, Anonymity, Censorship Circumvention, Blockchain.
Language: Greek, Spanish
Twitter: @misaakidis
GitHub: @misaakidis

Maryann Wangari

Nairobi, Kenya
I am Nairobi based multi-disciplinary creative designer, digital crafter and storyteller emphasizing on user experience, design thinking, human centered design, interaction Design, User Interface Design and product designs. I love creating products that engage, inform and inspire people.
Area of Expertise: Design, UX, Product Design, Web literacy, Human Centered Design
Language: Swahili
Twitter: @maryannkareh

Matthew Willse

Brooklyn, NY, US
Product Manager for Mozilla
Area of Expertise: Prototyping, User centered design, UX, Frontend development, Roadmapping, Agile, Lean, Analytics, Metrics driven development.
Twitter: @mw
GitHub: @xmatthewx

Max Franz

Toronto, Canada
Max is designs and builds biological research apps at the University of Toronto. He has experience in user interface design and software engineering.
Area of Expertise: CS, graph theory, computational biology, UI, UX
GitHub: @maxkfranz

Md Shahbaz Alam

Ranchi,Jharkhand INDIA
An open source enthusiast, a web developer, combining my passion and knowledge together into web. From India, spreading Mozilla’s mission. Mozilla Rep, App-Dev mentor, LocalCoach , active member of Mozilla India community. Love to spread the knowledge. I follow one simple principle in my life. “Learn , Teach n be Innovative”.
Area of Expertise: Web Development, Web Security, DevOps, Virtual Reality, Hybrid App Development and Open Source and Culture.
Language: Hindi and Urdu
Twitter: @mdsbzalam
GitHub: @shahbaz17

Meghan Lazier

Washington, DC USA
Meghan Lazier is a digital product designer who is interested in civic innovation and design for inclusion. She is a graduate of the Design for Social Innovation MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and was a Fulbright Scholar in Hong Kong. Her work has been featured in the New York Times and Fast Company.
Area of Expertise: UX/UI, accessible design, social impact
Twitter: @meglaz
GitHub: @meghanlazier

meghan mcdermott

20+ years of experience supporting professional and learner growth and engagement
Area of Expertise: facilitation, engagement and strategy
GitHub: @mcdermott415

Monica Granados

Ottawa, Canada
I am a open science policy advisor for the Government of Canada. As a scientist, I not only work in the open but I develop tools to and workshops to make science and data more accessible.
Area of Expertise: Open Source development, Introduction to Git and Github, Privacy and Security, Decentralization, Internet Freedom, Academia
Language: Spanish, French
Twitter: @Monsauce
GitHub: @Monsauce

Nick Wood

I live in London and I work largely on a group of collective projects with Sophie Varlow. My area of interest in relation to them ranges from building Consentful and open working cultures, accessibility and diversity, to clear communications and organisational systems. In tech terms I’m interested particularly if concepts of consent and safety and the needs of the marginalised can be successfully considered in software development. I’ve worked most of my life in fields where diversity, accessibility, organisational and community development meet occupational psychology and open communication. Often from surprisingly different angles. On the other hand I have a degree in Military Studies (specialising in the psychology of revolutionary warfare and the organisational evolution of military organisms) and am currently developing a talk for a group in London on the RAFs Strategic Bombing of Germany as an example of the incrementalism of evil.
Area of Expertise: Creating conditions for collaboration
Twitter: @Nickwood225

Noha Ashraf Abdel Baky

Cairo, Egypt
Noha is from Cairo, Egypt, graduated in 2014 with a Bsc. in Communications Systems and Electronics Engineering from Ain Shams University in Cairo.
She joined different multinational companies afterwards like Microsoft as an Intern then Orange Business Services and joined Dell EMC in 2015 and working in the Enterprise Technical Services Department since then.
Her expertise is in Data Storage, She is also a member of the University Relations Committee at Dell EMC which aims to build relations with Professors and Students from EMEA Universities.
She is working on getting certified to be a Dell Social Media Ambassador.
In 2017, She was selected by the Internet Society as a Youth @IGF Fellow and attended the IGF in Geneva.
Then, she joined Digital Grassroots as a Communications Director. Digital Grassroots is a youth-led initiative to increase digital citizenship in local communities. Many amazing things happened during the last year like:
- DIGRA was one of the selected open projects in Mozilla Open Leaders Program Round 5 and we participated in the Global Sprint
- Had the 1st Cohort of the Ambassadors Program and joined The Internet Society’s Civil Society
Area of Expertise: Internet Governance, Women Empowerement, Youth Participation and Advocacy, Data Storage and Protection, Open Education, Community Building, New Technologies
Language: Arabic and French
Twitter: @noha0182
GitHub: @noha182

Rabimba Karanjai

Houston, TX
Rabimba Karanjai is a graduate student studying at Rice University, Houston - Texas. As part of his research at present he is teaching computers to code. He also is a Mozilla TechSpeaker and works with Mozilla Research Mixed Reality team to make our reality more interesting and virtual. In another life he has worked with IBM Watson, biometrics and blockchain teams in Almaden Research and TJ Watson Lab. He is passionate about mixed reality, security, privacy and would love to have a chat with you over a cup of coffee or beer
Area of Expertise: Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, ML, Program Synthesis, Security
Language: Bengali, Hindi
Twitter: @rabimba
GitHub: @rabimba

Rachael Ainsworth

Manchester, UK
Research Associate and Open Science Champion at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester, UK. I also organize a chapter of HER+Data in Manchester (@herplusdatamcr), a meetup group to bring together women who work with and love data - to support one another, share experiences and talk data. I was a Project Lead in Round 4 of Mozilla Open Leaders, and was a Mentor and Cohort Host during Round 5. I am interested in promoting openness, inclusion, and well-being in STEM.
Area of Expertise: Astronomy, Open Science, Organising Events
Twitter: @rachaelevelyn
GitHub: @rainsworth

Ranjith Raj Vasam

Hyderabad, India
Ranjith Raj is a Data Scientist and research student at International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad, working for Free Software Movement, Mozilla Rep and active contributor to WikiMedia projects. He actively engages in campaigns on Data Privacy, Data Protection Laws and discussions on ethical challenges of AI and ML.
Area of Expertise: Privacy & Security, Community Building and OER
Language: Telugu, Hindi
Twitter: @RanjithRajV
GitHub: @RanjithRajV

Raquel Martins

Basel, Switzerland
Pharmacist, turned neuroscientist, turned healthcare consultant, turning health tech aficionada
Area of Expertise: being an academic researcher, neuroscience, healthcare, LGBTQ, gender-equality
Language: Portuguese
Twitter: @_aromartins
GitHub: @aromartins

Rhea Rakshit

I’m a user experience / product designer interested in the intersection of design, behavioral science and social impact. I work as the VP of Product for a New York based technology company called Sourcemap, which enables companies to achieve greater transparency and increase visibility into their supply chains, by using Sourcemap’s proprietary supply chain mapping software. I currently split my time between New York and Mumbai.
Area of Expertise: Systems Thinking, UX / UI Design, Product Design
Language: Hindi, some Bengali and Spanish
Twitter: @rrakshit
GitHub: @rrakshit

Rick Lupton

Cambridge, UK
I’m a researcher at the University of Cambridge, using data science to understand the environmental impacts of the way society uses resources, such as energy or steel. At the moment I’m particularly interested in ontologies and data integration, modelling uncertainty, and open tools for visualising the results.
Area of Expertise: Tools for open software projects: Jupyter, Binder (try notebooks online without installation), Zenodo. Python (computational, data analysis and visualisation), JavaScript visualisations (d3). Mechanics and wind energy (not sure that one will come up here!)
Twitter: @ricklupton
GitHub: @ricklupton

Sam Burton

I’m trying to make sense of our connected world and find ways to make it work for humans (instead of the other way around). I’m interested in the blurry boundaries between online and offline life, especially related to identity and health. I live in Toronto and am the Director, Insights at the Mozilla Foundation.
Area of Expertise: project management, strategic planning, explaining complex topics in accessible language
Twitter: @thesamburton
GitHub: @thesamburton

Sarah Kiden

Kampala, Uganda
Sarah is a Technologist and researcher, and has recently completed the Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowship. She participates in Internet Policy development through the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN).
Area of Expertise: Information Systems, Open Source Systems, Internet Policy, ICT in Education
Language: French (level A2.1)
Twitter: @MsKiden
GitHub: @MsKiden

Schalk Neethling

Pretoria, South Africa
Front end web engineer, JavaScript programmer, passionate about open source and the open web. A life long learner seeking new challenges, with a deep belief in equality, mutual respect, justice, happiness and prosperity for all. We are all part of the global human race, with a shared consciousness. What each of us do today, will have an impact on the future we will all share.
Area of Expertise: Front-End Web Development, running open source projects, documentation, remote work
Language: Afrikaans
Twitter: @schalkneethling
GitHub: @schalkneethling

Siddharth Prakash Rao

@FordFoundation @MozillaAdvocacy Open Web Fellow @edri. PhD candidate @AaltoUniversity.
Area of Expertise: Privacy, Security, Cryptography, Data Science, Machine Learning, Open source anything.
Language: Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Finnish, Konkani, Tulu
Twitter: @sidnext2none
GitHub: @sidtechnical

Sophie Varlow

Background in international Telecoms & ISPs: selling international networks and developing products and services for UK and global operators.
Also business development consulting for a number of design and brand companies.
Currently building the Commons Platform: we have been developing systems for community-building, creating the conditions for collaboration and needs-based agreements, governance and stewardship.
Area of Expertise: Creating diverse communities, collaboration

Teon Brooks

Brooklyn, USA
{cognitive, data, queer} scientist @ mozilla
Area of Expertise: open science, open source, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, Python
Twitter: @teon_io
GitHub: @teonbrooks

Tim Head

Zurich, Switzerland
Python and stats consultant, handling unforeseen & unsolved challenges on a daily basis, also known as science. Building @mybinderteam And: Triathlon
Area of Expertise: thinking with data, scientific thinking for problem solving (keep breaking your problem down till you can start solving something), all sorts of programming, AI,
Language: German
Twitter: @betatim
GitHub: @betatim

Tom Hohenstein

Boston, USA
Library, STEM and Entrepreneurship
Area of Expertise: open data, project management,
Twitter: @tomhohenstein
GitHub: @tomhohenstein

Viral Parmar

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Viral is Cyber Security researcher by profession and open source enthusiast, Reps at Mozilla Foundation. Initiator of “LogOut”- World’s Biggest Cyber Awareness Campaign. 3+ years of experience in Information security & Cyber Crime Investigation. Expert in Cyber Crime Investigation, Digital Forensics, Public Key Infrastructure, Social Engineering, Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis. Found sever vulnerability in more than 50 websites like YourStory, Intel and etc. Solved more than 40 cases of cyber-crime and online frauds. Trained 50,000+ people till now and aware them about privacy and security, rights to privacy, cyber security, net neutrality, surveillance , issues with bio-metric scan(aadhar card) and cyber disorder. Given Seminars and workshops in 100+ Organizations.
Area of Expertise: Viral is a serial entrepreneur with experience of three years he can work on big projects to make them market ready, manage the project, deploy the project and do market reach out as well as get the feed back as soon as possible and improvise, so using his skill he can help out the project leads. His technical expertise is in information security domain and delicately working on aware people about privacy and security
Language: Hindi and Gujarati
Twitter: @viralparmarhack
GitHub: @veerskyfire

Virginia Brussa

Rosario, Argentina
Virginia is an internationalist, living in Rosario, Argentina. Interested in the digital world ( Civic tech, Innovation and open/collaboratives practices) related to academic, gov and humanitarian fields. She is a former SBTF Regional Coordinator , co-organized the First Latin American MSF Scientific Day , Coord Datalab and the Argentine Network of Open Education (AREA). Member of the Argentine Association of Digital Humanities, CIM and others academics spaces. Also she work closely with a citizen innovation labs , gender projects, open movement(s), Agenda 2030. Love maps and the ritual of “”mate”“!
Area of Expertise: Open Science, Open Innovation, Collaboratives Methods, Labs.
Language: Spanish
Twitter: @virbrussa
GitHub: @virbrussa