Mozilla Open Leaders

Mozilla Open Leaders


These experts have volunteered their time (& are very excited) to speak with OLˣ participants! See anyone you’d like to chat with? Let your Mozilla Champion know.

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Sarah M Brown

Providence, RI, USA

Sarah M Brown is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Data Science Initiative at Brown University studying fair machine learning.

Kostas Stathoulopoulos

London, United Kingdom

I work at the intersection of machine learning, economics and policy-making, developing tools that help people take evidence-based decisions

Engineer | ChangeMaker | (R)Evolutionary! Design Engineer (Wireless Communications, Automotive Software)

Tejasri Nampally

Hyderabad, India

Progressive Thinker, Supporter of Open Knowledge Foundation, Internet Freedom, User Privacy.

I am a neuroscientist with a background in computer engineering, interested in machine learning, python, statistics, and diversity in STEM.


A media practitioner, digital marketing & comms specialist. Director at, and An ISOC Youth@IGF.

Design Researcher. User-processes designer. Working at the intersection of participatory approaches and pluriversal design conceptions.

Maya Wagoner

Brooklyn, New York, USA

User Experience Designer at the Brooklyn Public Library. Former Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow. Mentor in the Mozilla Open Leaders program.

I work as an independent consultant with social impact projects, helping them think through scale and program design. Happy to help with HCD

Eriol Fox

Bristol, UK

Non-binary (They/Them) Designer, UI & UX, Illustrator, LGBTQ+, Queer, Sex positive, Feminist, Gamer, Vegan(ish). Designer @ushahidi

Andrew Nelson

Boston, MA

Digital Inclusion

Ifeoma Okonji


Social entrepreneur,Mozilla Open Leader,advocate for young women to leverage technology for equal development.

Pablo Aguilera

Mexico City

Pablo is currently focused on advocating and researching the impact of AI, censorship, and surveillance on LGBTQI+ populations.

Graduate lawyer, Co-founder/VP-Internet Yetu, Co-Organiser,Netsquared Nairobi. Interested in digital rights and digital inclusion.

I am a librarian at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Itzel Moreno

Morelos, Mexico

We are a group of people in monority diversity. We trust in internet as a media for inclusion that drives fairer global policies for all.

I am a IT Support, project manager, researcher, Mozilla contributor & curriculum designer also interested in entrepreneurship,volunteering.

Nikolaos Nerantzis

Thermi, Greece

Lauren McCarthy is an artist who examines how issues of surveillance, automation, and network culture affect our social relationships.


São Paulo, Brasil

Mozilla Open Leaders V; Tor and Mozilla community member, Cryptorave organizer (, privacy advocate, activist

Event Organization

Harry (Zebetus) Smith

London, United Kingdom

Currently, a Quantum Engineering PhD student at UCL, involved in many different kinds of projects both within and outside of the UK.

Mario Garcia

Chiapas, Mexico

FOSS Enthusiast | Speaker | Mozillian | Mozilla Reps | Mozilla Open Leaders | Python & Rust Developer


Lily is a budding IT person with a little over a year experience in Internet Governance issues/policies and Computer Networking.

Hélène Martin

San Diego, CA, United States

I am a maintainer for, a project that builds tools for mobile data collection in resource-constrained environments.

A Storage Engineer at DellEMC. Has been involved in IG spaces for 2 years co-founded Digital Grassroots

President and Co-Executive Director of Code for Science & Society, 2016 Mozilla Fellow

Open Data

Fatma Guerfali

Tunis, Tunisia

Biologist/Bioinformatician working on high-throughput approaches applied to host-pathogen interactions at Institut Pasteur de Tunis (IPT).

Open Source| Data Science | Machine Learning

Research Fellow | Free(dom) Software, Telecommunications, Neural Networks, Open Design of Trusted IoT, Psychology &Philosophy of Technology

Virginia Brussa


Internacionalista.Metodologías Participativas. Labs,OpenEdu,Science,Data. Participación en PP. CivicTech/OpenInnov/CitizenEngagement/DH

Open Educational Resources

Digital Access and Open Educational Resources Lead, eCampusOntario

Jennie is a digital strategist, librarian & open access enthusiast in Boston. She is Assistant Director for Outreach @ Harvard Law Library

Sandra Muellrick

Berlin. Germany

Maha Bali

Cairo, Egypt

Associate professor of practice, Center for Learning & Teaching, American Univ in Cairo. Co-founder & #unboundeq

Educational Consultant & Coach + Nonprofit Capacity Builder + Professor + Edu Researcher + Poet + Wikimedian + Actor-Network Theorist

Writer and educator helping people connect and solve problems together.

Felipe is a Professor, Mozillian and a Web Dev, currently doing a Master's and researching about Open Educational Resources.

Open Science

Hao Ye

Gainesville, Florida, USA

My research explores how ecosystems change over time using data; I am also interested in improving inclusion and accessibility in higher ed.

I am a developer, entrepreneur and researcher, I love data and working with teams

Assistant professor at the Physics department of Utrecht University.

Anne Fouilloux

Oslo, Norway

Working as a Research Software Engineer.

Bradly Alicea

Champaign-Urbana IL USA

Bradly Alicea has a PhD from Michigan State, Head Scientist at Orthogonal Lab, and is a Senior Contributor at OpenWorm Foundation.

Stardust with consciousness and anti-kyriarchy principles. Working on brains, clocks, sleep, meta-research through open philosophy.

Brazilian researcher interested in Open Science, Open Data, specially open laboratory notebooks. Working at Fiocruz Open Science Group.

I am a computer scientist and geneticist writing code to ensure a future with enough food! My main tools are Python and the Web.

Head of Digital Scholarship, Boston College Libraries

Caleb kibet

Nairobi, Kenya

I am a 19/20 Mozilla Fellow, interested in teaching, open science, reproducibility, machine learning, FAIR Genomics, and community building.

Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PhD student in physics at the University of Toronto studying bacteria-virus interactions and the CRISPR adaptive immune system.

Monica Granados

Ottawa, ON, Canada

I a Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellow working as Policy Analyst at Environment and Climate Change Canada in open science.

PhD candidate @ucsc; BSSw Fellow; @uccross grad researcher. Working on @getpopper.

Open Source

Jason A. Clark (he/him/his)

Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A.

librarian, professor, hacker, Semantic Web + metadata + archives geek, author, husband, dad - doing it under the Big Sky in Montana, U.S.A.

A social innovator, with a keen interest in Working Open and how to leverage technology in solving socio-economic challenges,

Chris Hartgerink

Berlin, DE

Shuttleworth fellow contributing to efforts to improve the sustainability of scholarly research in the broadest sense.

Open Source enthusiastic and loves to code. A web developer, also interested in the Internet of Things and Android App development.

Cheuk Ting Ho

London, UK

Cheuk is a data scientist, a public speaker. She encourages women in technology, and actively contributes to Python open source projects.

Software Engineering Student at University of Brasília, open source developer, python programmer, functional languages lover!

Software Engineering Student at University of Brasília - Brazil. Mostly a Python programmer and DevOps. Also a bassist and musician :)

I am a software developer with a soft spot for how technology can be used to improve our liives. I also wear a lot of cool hats.

Mozilla Open Leader, International Women In Open source Award Winner, Computer Science Student

A sociologist & software engineer interested in the intersections between technologies & societies. Also: menstrual cups & password managers

Riccardo Iaconelli is from Milano, Italy. He has been a free software developer since he was 13, now leads Open Source Strategy at Mozilla.

#FLOSS Advocate 📢 | D&I and Community 💙 | Open Source Diversity 🌼| Feminist 🙋 | she/her

Anna e só

Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil

Tech writer (Season of Docs, Open Collective), consultant (LAPPIS/UnB), Outreachy alum (Wikimedia) and applicant helper. They/them, a/ela/a.

Web Developer, Evangelist, Open Web Activist

Data Science Fellow @ the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, I work on Project Jupyter ( and the Binder Project (

Biomedical Engineering PhD student that enjoys learning and teaching how to better understand data (and thus the world around us!).

Co-founder & CTO @ Social Mind. Researcher with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Open Source Software. Open Coffee Thessaloniki host.

Fellow at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity, co-founder of openSNP & Director of Research at Open Humans. Does Community Science

Md. Shahbaz Alam

Ranchi, India

Mozilla Reps | Open Source Enthusiast | Auth0 Ambassador | A Full-Stack Developer who loves speaking at meetups and conferences.

Rabimba Karanjai

Houston, TX, USA

Graduate Researcher, tinkerer. Works with Mozilla MR team on WebXR. Also a Mozilla TechSpeaker and Google Developer Expert

Privacy & Security

Interested in privacy, de-centralization, security and open collaboration. Freelancer. Berlin, Germany.

Diwanshi Pandey

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Diwanshi is a Full Stack Software Engineer @ RedHat & a Mozilla Tech Speaker and enjoys telling people about WASM and Rust, JS, UI/UX.

Vishal Chavan

Nashik, Maharashtra, India

I am a co-founder to a web based startup and primarily a Web Developer and an Online Privacy Advocate and love talking about Web Literacy.

Danny Rayman

Berlin, Germany

Chilean, Lawyer, focus on Human Rights and IT. Working in Privacy, Security, Anti Corruption, and other projects to strengthen Human Rights

Mozfest Wrangler 2019 and Open Leaders X Expert

Siddharth (Sid) Rao

Brussels, Belgium

Former Mozilla Fellow. Co-Founded the social venture ThirdEye, which builds affordable e-­readers for visually-challenged people. Worked at European Digital Rights, where he defined policies on privacy and data

PhD student at the Department of Computing of Imperial College London, my research mainly focus on resilience of Cyber Physical Systems.

Project Management

Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran

Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

MozFest Wrangler 2019,MozFest Facilitator 2018, Mozilla Rep,Mozilla Mixed Reality evangelist, Mozilla OL7 grad.

I am an open-source enthusiast who likes to hang out with geeks, drink a lot of coffee, and spend too much time in front of the terminal.

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