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The next phase of Open Leaders launches in September 2019! We’re looking for community organizers passionate about internet health and ready to launch their own Open Leaders programs in 2020.

In Open Leaders X (OLˣ), community members will learn how to run and launch their own Open Leaders programs. The goal is to catalyze multiple community-run Open Leaders programs with diverse audiences to serve as entry-points into the internet health movement.

An OLˣ participant is someone ready to organize an Open Leaders program in 2020. From September through November 2019, participants will:

  • Receive movement building training & program-design mentorship from Mozilla staff and mentors.
  • Work closely with a Mozilla Champion to co-design an Open Leaders program that feeds into the broader internet health movement.
  • Have access to a community of mentors, technologists and more.
  • Get practical experience fueling your movement area at MozFest 2019 (London UK, Oct 25-27, travel stipends available). Mobilize attendees by sharing your vision, new program and next steps in the Mozilla Zone. You can submit a MozFest session proposal here!
OLX Timeline

What areas are we focusing on?

Each new Open Leaders program will focus on internet health and open leadership in a topic, region, or language. To ensure we can provide continued support to these communities, each participant will work closely with a Mozilla Champion familiar with pathways and opportunities in the broader internet health movement. Based on our current set of Mozilla Champions, we’re focusing on these areas for OLˣ:

  • Topic: Healthier Artificial Intelligence
  • Topic: Open Science
  • Topic: Open Hardware
  • Topic: Accessible Online Security
  • Topic: Open Source
  • Topic: Open Arts
  • Topic / Region / Language: Open Advocacy on the Internet Health Report
  • Region: New Zealand
  • Whatever you’re passionate about!

If your idea doesn’t appear on this list, please still apply and suggest the internet health community you’d like to work with as an OL organizer.

Selection Criteria

Mozilla Champions are Mozilla staff, fellows or allies familiar with further opportunities in the internet health movement. Champions will be reviewing applications in order to select OLˣ participants relevant to their area of expertise and movement-building efforts. Applications will be reviewed using three criteria:

  • Vision - There is a clear, compelling vision for the development of a holistic open leadership program broadly applicable across the open ecosystem and internet health movement.
  • Capacity - The application demonstrates organizers’ willingness to learn and capacity in terms of time, people, and basic organizing skills to open applications and launch an open leadership program.
    • Available to commit at least 5h/week for 8 weeks for attending weekly online meetings, engaging a community of mentors and co-designers and meeting with your personal mentor.
    • Attend the Mozilla Festival (London UK, Oct 25-27) for practical movement-building experience and to announce the program in the Mozilla Zone.
    • Ready to launch an open leadership program by January 2020 that includes more than 15 coaches or mentors and more than 30 participants or mentees.
  • Internet health connections - There are multiple, specific, accessible, diverse, inclusive pathways between internet health issues (such as healthier AI, digital inclusion, web literacy, decentralization, openness, and privacy and security) and the organizers’ proposed open leadership program.

Feedback, questions, or suggestions? Let us know by email or @MozOpenLeaders. We can’t wait to meet our inaugural round of OLˣ participants and their internet health communities!

Applications close August 1st 2019 11:59am ET (before noon)