Tell Amazon: Require privacy policies for internet-connected devices

Tell Amazon: Require privacy policies for internet-connected devices

Amazon listens to what its customers are concerned about. By surfacing just how many internet-connected products don't have privacy policies, we can ensure they know customers are paying attention and want this change. If you are an Amazon customer, please follow the steps below to register your concern.


Go to and log in to your Amazon account.


Click the "Start Chatting" button on the left. A pop-up window will appear (be sure you temporarily unblock pop-ups from Rather than clicking one of its suggested topics, paste one of these options or type something similar in your own words:

  • I can’t find privacy policies for a number of wifi-enabled products
  • I’m concerned that there don’t seem to be privacy policies for IoT devices sold on Amazon
  • Where can I find information about the privacy policies of wifi-connected products you sell?

The bot will be confused. Here are some follow-up questions you can ask (and after you do, you might have to select the "Ok, get help through chat" button) in order to get a human:

  • Does Amazon require privacy policies for internet-connected devices to be sold on your platform?
  • Are third party sellers required to have privacy policies for IoT devices in order to sell on Amazon?

There might be a bit of a delay after it assigns you a human (you can always repeat your question from step 3 again). Then they will likely ask you for a link. Please provide them with an example of an IoT device sold on Amazon that does not have a privacy policy, or use one of our examples below. Share the example link along with context such as "This is just one of the products that lacks privacy materials."


Wait 🕒. Odds are the customer service rep will be very confused and not know what to tell you for a bit.


When they do respond, it's likely they will tell you they can't help you. Ask them to pass on the concern to their manager.


Please take screenshots or copy the text of the chat.

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