Your Weekly Moz News Beat, May 8, 2020

By Mozilla | May 8, 2020 | Moz News Beat

Mozilla News Beat

Love Letters

An 11-year old girl who loves to write letters to friends and family sent a thank you note to her postman. It sparked a feel-good chain reaction of kindness we all could use right now. Via Twitter

Forecast Good Doggo

A work-from-home local TV weatherman was telling viewers about the rainy day ahead when his dog Brody decided to brighten up the forecast by hopping in dad’s lap. Via Country Living

Potter Reading Potter

Daniel Radcliffe, Stephen Fry, David Beckham, and a host of celebrities read us chapters of Harry Potter as part of ‘Harry Potter at Home’ launched by JK Rowling to entertain bored folks on lockdown. Via BBC

Get Busy

Need ideas to keep busy while staying at home? Look no further than this guide of 100+ things to do on the internet. It’s got everything from Wikipedia rabbit holes to ways to help the world from quarantine. Via LA Times

Where’s the Bubblegum?

Sports-card collectors have moved online to share the joy of finding and trading their favorite cards. With the pandemic keeping us at home, millions are joining to make what’s old new again. Via Sports Illustrated

Help From Above

A drone delivery company in Ireland used to be focused on getting pizza to hungry college kids. Now it is focused on getting medicine and essential supplies to remote places in need. Via BBC

No Robots Allowed

The US patent office ruled recently that artificial intelligence systems can’t be named as inventors on patent applications, dealing a blow to non-human inventors everywhere. Via The Verge

Not Just Zoom

Consumer Reports added research to Mozilla’s own showing that, while Zoom might get attention for privacy concerns, other video call apps like Microsoft Teams have issues as well. Via Forbes

F*&@ Twitter

Twitter tests out a new feature designed to cut down on hateful and foul language on the platform. Twitter users respond with hateful and foul language. Via Daily Dot

Taking a Stand

A Canadian VP at Amazon resigned in protest this week citing a “vein of toxicity” in the company after the firing of two employees who called out poor treatment of warehouse workers. Via Seattle Times

Don’t Troll the Doctors

ER doctors on the frontlines of the pandemic are fighting another battle -- conspiracy theories, misinformation, and trolls that leave them mentally exhausted as they try to keep people alive. Via NBC News

Extremely Bad

Extremist hate groups are using the coronavirus pandemic to help drive their hateful ideologies, recruit to their far-right causes, and spread disinformation in what experts are calling an online ‘Infodemic’. Via BBC & NY Times

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