Your Weekly Moz News Beat, April 24, 2020

By Mozilla | April 24, 2020 | Moz News Beat

Moz News Beat

Dame Right

Dame Judi Dench is here to help us all through these tough times by TikToking with her grandson Sam. Can we just give her the Nobel Peace Prize now? Via Vogue

Book Clubbin’

If you’re bored in lockdown, check this out. A book club where you read a short story then discuss it on Zoom with the author. Up next, sci-fi author Annalee Newitz. Via Short Story Club

Beary Happy

Bears in Yosemite National Park party it up while the park is closed down, joining animals around the world thriving while humans stay inside. Via CNN

Breathe Easier

A new report found that 9 of 10 major cities around the world saw a huge drop in air pollution while people stay inside during the pandemic. Rome was the only outlier. Via The Verge

Awww Good Boi

Big Poppa is a bulldog who loves kids & people and this social distancing stuff really has him down. A pic of him feeling sad went viral and the internet stepped up to cheer Poppa up. Via Paper

Up for Debate

Livestreaming platform Twitch might be the new political discussion hotbed. Meet one popular streamer who makes a living debating his often unpopular political opinions on the platform. Via Mother Jones

How To Do It?

Contact tracing means tracking where the coronavirus is and who has come in contact with it. What’s the best way to do this? Apps + human trackers will probably be the best solution. Via BBC

Brave New Supermarket

The 100-year old world of grocery stores seems to be changing overnight. With more delivery and fewer in-store shoppers, what will our supermarkets look like after the pandemic? Via The Atlantic

Bot Is It Ethical?

Tech savvy folks are building bots to snap up hard-to-come-by grocery store delivery slots, perhaps taking them away from less tech savvy folks who might need them more (like the elderly). Via Vice


With so many deaths due to COVID-19, Instagram is speeding up the rollout of a memorial feature that would add a Remembering banner to a user’s account who has died. Via BuzzFeed News

Learning the Hard Way

One school district in the US became a case study in how not to do online learning when their first day of remote classes was canceled because so many racist, hateful trolls were able to invade the online classrooms. Via Daily Dot

Evil Zoombombing

A Holocaust Remembrance Day event in Germany being streamed on Zoom for the world to see was stormed by evil people who flashed pictures of Hitler and shouted anti-Semitic slurs. Via Haaretz

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