Mozilla Festival 2022 is LIVE! We’re halfway through and are blown away by the incredible way the community has shown up for our second virtual festival. Here are a few highlights that have left us inspired and wanting more.

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A Buzzing Community


Before the first session took place, we saw incredible activity in our MozFest Slack community. People were sharing pictures, welcoming each other into Day 1, and waving at friends.


Right away, we had over 1,000 people on the Plaza checking out the Art & Media and Lightning talks, and putting final touches on their schedule!

A computer screen showing colorful buttons, a description of the event, and a video still of people in a march holding signs.

Family Resources

Parents are using the downloadable activity resources to engage their children in the MozFest experience while the adults attend sessions.

Tweet that says Shout-out to #MozFest  @mozillafestival  organizers for including a package of activities for children to work on while their parents are on Zoom!

Inspiring Sessions

Opening Circle

The Opening Circle was the kick off to the festival that perfectly framed our week together: collaboration, freedom, excitement, community, support, and reflection.

In fact, one participant shared, “Oh wow, I love all of the realtime/ emergent/ you-get-what-you-put-in/ sky's-the-limit framing.”

Decolonized AI Space Kick Off

The Decolonized AI Futures Space Event in Spatial Chat was a huge hit, featuring lightning talks from the Facilitators sharing what is happening during the week in the Space.

Colorful background of a virtual space with circle avatars surrounding a workspace

MozFest Studio

Twice daily, this live broadcast shares updates from the festival, social posts from the community, spotlights on sessions and Spaces, interviews with Mozilla Staff, Facilitators, Wranglers, asks an interactive question of the day, and more! This is a not-to-miss 15 minute session in the MozFest day.

Dzifah is outstanding and this twice a day show is giving me life!


Analyzing gender based violence data with Python

Participants worked with a database from a criminal court in Buenos Aires, Argentina that has an open gender data policy to show people how to work with gender based violence data from a social and ethical perspective.

Person with dark hair pulled into a ponytail, wearing a light colored shirt side by side with a screenshot of code

Creating Wellness Breaks in Your Online Work and Learning Day 1: Relaxing and Healthy Breaks

Having worked and taught remotely as a team, online, for over decade through periods of stress, illness and recovery, these Facilitators learned the importance of incorporating wellness breaks and balance into their work days through taking relaxation and exercise breaks throughout the day. The Creating Neurodiverse Wellbeing Space is filled with these types of refreshing sessions!

Building Ancestral AI

This inspiring Dialogues and Debates panel explored laying down the burden of a future-only presumption of what technology is and can be to center people and the environment and develop technologies through which we can survive and thrive.

Intersectional AI Toolkit: Making Zines, Remaking Machines

TheIntersectional AI Toolkit argues that anyone should be able to understand what AI is and to help imagine what AI ought to be. In this AI-skills and zine-making workshop, participants joined in co-authoring the Toolkit, co-learning and co-creating, and investigating key questions around how AI affects us differently, what we need to understand about AI in order to reshape it, and (most importantly) what shapes we want AI to take in order to be more ethical and equitable.

Person with dark hair holding up a paper, hand drawn zine

Naturescape Restorative Meditation

This immersive, 30-minute meditation session guided by Global Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, Natalie Matias was a small retreat in our day for self-care.

A colorful computerized nature scape with circle avatars gathered around a pond

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About The Author

Kristina Gorr serves the internet health movement as Communications Manager for MozFest through using her passion for writing to raise awareness and uplift opportunities for others to get involved in critical conversations about web literacy, digital inclusion, privacy and security, and openness, to name a few. Her littles ones are always around, so be sure to say hi when they pop on the screen.

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