Wow - the community really showed up for Mozilla Festival 2022! Hundreds of immersive sessions led by Facilitators from around the world have really elevated the conversations and work of the internet health movement. From the intersection of gender and tech, to digital privacy, to neurodiverse wellbeing and more, we’re inspired, in awe, and truly can’t wait to see how this work moves forward this year.

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Social Moments

Social moments are what make MozFest so much fun! To recreate face-to-face interactions in a virtual world, the community’s creativity really shined in Spatial Chat and Mozilla Hubs with these incredible social moments.

Mystique Afrique

Virtual theater room with circle avatars watching a musical performance on screen
Joya Mooi at Mystique Afrique

Mystique Afrique explored Blackness in global cities through art, community, and culture. It is a multi-sensorial, multimedia experience that celebrates the African Diaspora with curated conversations, food, music, fashion, and dance. The theme was Ancestral Intelligence: Building in the Black Box.

Impromptu Poetry Slam

A colorful background with three computer screens showing various working elements and circle avatars gathered together in a meeting.

The Impromptu Poetry Slam provided space to reflect on MozFest experiences. The session guided participants through poetry making through the use of prompts. Performances were also an option for attendees to share their work.

Mozilla Research Mixer

virtual 3D lobby of an art gallery with colorful avatars walking around

Mozilla researchers are covering a lot of ground. They've discovered partisan influencers evading Tik Tok's ad policies, shone a light on YouTube's secretive algorithms, reviewed the privacy policies of connected devices, identified alternative data governance models, shared stories of AI around the world, and so much more. Mozilla researchers gathered in Mozilla Hubs and mingled with the community to share about their work and how they can get involved.


These incredible sessions were recorded and are accessible to ticket holders until June 25!

Building a movement to protect and defend our strongest security shield online

A screenshot of people meeting in zoom: square boxes with headshots of various people

This session was all about helping participants transform their own ideas into hard-hitting, regionally relevant advocacy campaigns to promote and defend encryption on the road to Global Encryption Day 2022.

Mozilla Plenary: metaverse or Metaverse™?

As the internet evolves, what will it look like — and who will it benefit? Will it be a Metaverse™, owned and built by only a few and perpetuating the ills of today’s internet? Will it be a metaverse, built and governed collectively? Or, is the premise of a metaverse inherently flawed — a shiny trope that distracts us from confronting the colonial, extractive nature that pervades so many of our digital technologies? This panel discussion by Mozilla staff will leave you inspired and reflective.

Afro Algorithms

a black background with a blue/green AI robot looking directly into the camera

The world premiere of "Afro Algorithms" took place at MozFest! This 3D animated short film in the Afrofuturist genre explores the topics of AI and bias. In a distant future, an artificial intelligence named Aero is inaugurated as the world’s first AI ruler. But Aero soon learns that important worldviews are missing from her databank, including the experiences of the historically marginalized and oppressed.

Post Pandemic Wellness

a women with long blonde hair and a black shirts peaking into a camera, with a slide beside her view that contains colorful circles with text inside each

The pandemic has taken its toll on our collective mental health. Despite that, the silver lining is that it has also created more opportunity to openly talk about these issues, like burnout, depression, work-life balance in a normalized way. For the first time, we are truly all in this together. So what did we learn? And how can we apply healthy habits as we discover our “new normal” in the real and virtual worlds? In this session, participants talked about practical tips and tools to foster mindfulness practices: simple things like breathing exercises, intentional rest (this is not binge watching your favourite new show!), creating and upholding boundaries, addressing FOMO, and generally prioritizing your wellness first.

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About The Author

Kristina Gorr serves the internet health movement as Communications Manager for MozFest through using her passion for writing to raise awareness and uplift opportunities for others to get involved in critical conversations about web literacy, digital inclusion, privacy and security, and openness, to name a few. Her littles ones are always around, so be sure to say hi when they pop on the screen.

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