This Friday at MozFest, from 5pm to 8pm CET/ 4pm to 7pm UTC join us for our first-ever Zine Fair, held in the interactive, social platform Spatial Chat. Zine makers from around the world are participating, sharing zines on topics as varied as DNA testing and databases, why Wikipedia matters, and coding intersectional AI. Join us to browse all the zines, chat with those zine makers who are present, and hear talks by some of the makers.

Participating zine makers include:

A preivew of the Zine Fair Environment in Spatial Chat
A preivew of the Zine Fair Environment in Spatial Chat

During the Fair, you’ll also experience a DJ mix of 1980s electronic music from Japan, accompanied by low-res visuals created in the open source tool Processing. The DJ set, visuals, and our spatial chat environment were created by USA-based artist, educator, and DJ Don Miller.

Are you new to zines? Zines are typically DIY publications, made for trading and sharing, often emerging from grassroots or underground political, art, music, or literary movements. As a visual media, zines can allow for expression beyond the bounds of language. Zines can help connect diverse communities and share perspectives from around the globe. MozFest is a great place to discover and explore the world of zines -- If you are inspired, check out our archived Spanglish zine-making workshop facilitated by Sarah Mirk and Sandra Marín to learn more and make your own zine.

Image of a mini zine, Why Wikipedia Matters, with an illustration of a cartoon figure hugging a wikipedia logo.
Why Wikipedia Matters zine by Sarah Mirk

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