As more people than ever before rely on the internet, digital rights organizations are adapting their work to the pandemic

At Mozilla, we’re one part of a much larger movement fighting for principles like privacy, decentralization, and inclusion online. We call this the movement for internet health.

Together we comprise a patchwork of like-minded organizations, people, and projects who want to keep the internet a global public resource. We’re nonprofits in Poland, engineers in Nairobi, creative technologists in Egypt. And we collaborate on research, advocacy campaigns, events, and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added even more urgency to this movement’s work. More people than ever before are relying on the internet to find critical health information — and also to conduct business, to teach classes, to meet with doctors, and to socialize. And while the internet health movement can’t fight the coronavirus directly (well, some of us can), we can fight for a healthy internet when we need it most.

Today, we’re sharing a roundup of the work our allies across the movement are doing. They include guides to working securely from home, research into how governments are tracking the virus (and, as a result, internet users), and much more.

See a sampling below, and browse all relevant projects here. If you’d like to be added to this list, add your project to Mozilla Pulse here.

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