The Global Cultural and Heritage Space invites you to the Cultural Party at MozFest 2021! This party is a fun, informal, interactive, and community-based event for MozFest participants to share their local digital experiences with other participants.

The 3-hour event will feature virtual artistic performances, cooking, games, films, music, and other ways for participants to share their cultural experiences and traditions. The event will be hosted on the MozFest Common Space from 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM CET on 19 March 2020. (Timezone converter).

Invitation to Culture Party at MozFest 2021

Building on the metaphor of a house, the virtual cultural party will have many themed “rooms” and informal opportunities for people to connect.

  • Kitchen Floor - In this room, we will share about favorite dishes that emerge from our traditions
  • Crafts Room - Here we will learn and share our interests in stitching, beadworks, paintings, or anything that is traditionally handmade
  • Music Room - This a room to express your musical interests. It can be instrumental or vocal
  • Dance Floor - room to express your dance forms
  • Coffee/tea corners - A casual round of conversations about highlights and takeaways from our cultures and traditions
  • Living/screening room - Watch and enjoy short film screenings here

It does not end here. We invite you to let us know how you would like to participate in the Cultural Party. Use this form to sign up for any activity you will like to share. Activities such as pictures and short film viewings, songs, fun games, cooking tutorials, DIY demonstration, a collection showcase, dance class, poetry, book club, arts and crafts, trivia, talent exhibitions, and science project presentations are desired.

The deadline to sign up to present at the Cultural Party is 15 March 2021. There are limited spaces for the party activities in the event time frame hence activities to be presented at the party will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis and must abide by the MozFest community participation guidelines.

We can’t wait to party with you!


In the Virtual Embassy sessions, we invite the MozFest participants to lead 15 peer shares to raise awareness about internet health issues, technologies, and cultures in countries around the world. Come and share your perspectives about the local internet health issues, challenges, and opportunities you encounter in your country.

Colorful invitation to Virtual Embassy

The virtual embassy sessions will be interactive with our main focus to frame and discuss these issues from a cultural perspective. The participants are invited to ask questions, share personal experiences and raise cultural issues that affect the adoption of the internet in their communities.

We will have five virtual embassy sessions across 8, 10, 12, 15, and 17 March 2021.

About The Author

Uffa is a postgraduate student studying Cybernetics and Communications Engineering. She is the Global Lead and Co Founder at Digital Grassroots.

MozFest is part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. To learn more, visit

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