MozFest's signature speaker series will have a moment of reckoning with AI — exploring ancestral knowledge, responsible tech investing, global elections, education and the metaverse.

Dialogues & Debates is MozFest's speakers series — a place for fiery conversations and compelling panels.

Between March 7 and March 11, we'll broadcast deep discussions about systems thinking and bias; how AI can learn from ancestral practices and wisdom; how to address education in a mixed reality; and much more. Festival participants will hear from 26 speakers from 10 countries. You can watch the Dialogues and Debates panels on the Mozilla Festival Plaza or on Twitter, and join the conversation by asking questions using #DialoguesAndDebates.

Below, learn more about our Dialogues & Debates speakers and the schedule:

AI Reckoning | Monday, March 7 @ 1pm ET / 5pm CET

Can AI ever be the people’s tool and hold the intelligence of abolition or are these machines beholden to learning from existing systematic structures? How can we invest in communities who are ensuring that the global majority thrives, that our earth thrives? Is it time for an AI reckoning? A panel featuring:

Anasuya Sengupta

Anasuya Sengupta, Co-Founder & Co-Director of Whose Knowledge?

Sasha Costanza-Chock

Sasha Costanza-Chock, Director of Research & Design, Algorithmic Justice League

Roxann Stafford

Roxann Stafford, Systems Alchemist & Architect

Adam Bly
Chenai Chair

And moderator Chenai Chair, Special Advisor for Africa Innovation, Mozilla

Building Ancestral AI | Tuesday, March 8 @ 11:30am ET / 5:30pm CET

If we lay down the burden of a future-only presumption of what technology is and can be, are we more likely to center people and the environment and develop technologies through which we can survive and thrive? How do we develop strategies for the futures we desire and/or will likely face? A panel featuring:

Toshi Reagon

Toshi Reagon, Musician, composer, curator and producer

Céline Semaan

Céline Semaan, Executive Director of Slow Factory

Amelia Winger-Bearskin

Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Artist and researcher

L. Franklin Gilliam

L. Franklin Gilliam, Artist, designer and Board Chair, Out in Tech

J. Bob Alotta

And moderator J. Bob Alotta, VP of Global Programs, Mozilla

Venture Capital, Digital Rights, and the Future of Responsible Tech Investing | Tuesday, March 8 @ 3:45pm ET / 9:45pm CET

How can technology founders, civil society and policy makers engage traditional VC investors to actively foster a responsible and intersectional tech ecosystem that disrupts for good, and seeks to build rather than break? Is it fair to say that traditional VC is fundamentally at odds with a vision of tech that is healthier for all? A panel featuring:

Michael Kleinman

Michael Kleinman, Director of Technology and Human Rights for Amnesty International USA

Jon Zieger

Jon Zieger, Co-Founder and Executive DirectorCo-Founder and Executive Director of Responsible Innovation Labs

Shu Dar Yao

And moderator Shu Dar Yao, Senior Advisor, ESG

metaverse or Metaverse™? | Wednesday, March 9 @ 11:30pm ET / 5:30pm CET

As the internet evolves, what will it look like — and who will it benefit? Will it be a Metaverse™, owned and built by only a few and perpetuating the ills of today’s internet? Will it be a metaverse, built and governed collectively? Or, is the premise of a metaverse inherently flawed — a shiny trope that distracts us from confronting the colonial, extractive nature that pervades so many of our digital technologies? A Mozilla Plenary featuring:

Rebecca Ryakitimb

Rebecca Ryakitimbo, Common Voice Fellow, Mozilla Foundation

Apryl Williams

Apryl Williams, Trustworthy AI Fellow, Mozilla Foundation

Sherry Stanley

Imo Udom, SVP, Innovation Ecosystems, Mozilla Corporation

J. Bob Alotta

And moderator J. Bob Alotta, VP of Global Programs, Mozilla

AI Reform | Thursday, March 10 @ 11:30pm ET / 5:30pm CET

In 2022, elections are planned in Lebanon, Kenya, Brazil, Philippines, France, US and beyond. What has become of elections and democracy in the age of digital platforms? Are we entering a new era of governance that will be shaped by the way platforms drive and impact campaigns, movement building, national narratives and political discourse? Will democracy survive AI? A panel featuring:

Odanga Madung

Odanga Madung, Mozilla Fellow

Mohamad Najem

Mohamad Najem, Executive Director of SMEX

Samantha Bradshaw

Dr. Samantha Bradshaw, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Democracy

Solana Larsen

And moderator Solana Larsen, Editor of Internet Health Report, Mozilla

The Future is Intersectional Conversation: Future of Media & Technology | Thursday, March 10 @ 1pm ET / 7pm CET

Join a conversation between Cheryl Finley and Kamal Sinclair about the future of media and technology and who holds the power to shift the cultural landscape. The conversation is a continuation of The Future is Intersectional series in partnership with Spelman College.

Kamal Sinclair

Kamal Sinclair, Executive Director of Guild of Future Architects

Cheryl Finley

Cheryl Finley, Atlanta University Center Art History + Curatorial Studies Collective, Spelman College

Education in a Mixed AI Reality | Friday, March 11 @ 10am ET / 4pm CET

Upcoming generations are growing up in a mixed reality where they develop a powerful command on internet platforms. Tik Tok is a great manifestation of the nuances of existence through short, catchy, layered video content. Gaming is another space where the rules of the real world are interwoven by those of the game. What is then the role of education in this cross-existence: how do these interactions shape young folks in their interactions and interrogations of technology? A panel featuring:

Judith Okonkwo

Judith Okonkwo, founder of Imisi 3D

Angela Chen

Angela Chen, Founder Eskwelabs

Maize Longboat, Developer Relations, Unity Technologies

Maize Longboat, Developer Relations, Unity Technologies


And moderator Crystal Lee, Responsible Computer Science Fellow, Mozilla