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We’re building a movement. Its mission: keep the web decentralized, open and free. In short, protect the health of the Internet.

A movement is only as powerful as the people behind it. The “we” behind this movement isn't just Mozilla -- it’s a far larger network. There are technologists, yes. But also educators, artists and activists, hailing from Cape Town, Chicago, Shenzhen, Berlin and beyond.

Members of the Mozilla Network understand that three-and-a-half billion people -- and counting -- now live their lives on the Internet. We understand the opportunity the Internet unlocks -- and, conversely, the dangers of mass surveillance, insecurity and centralization. We understand that a positive future depends on a healthy Internet.

These fights will be fought across borders, in legislatures, at protests, online and in person. And they will influence everything from public policy to free expression and consumer technology. Now more than ever, we need a network.

Internet Health

The Internet is an ecosystem. A living entity that billions of people depend on for knowledge, livelihood, self-expression, love…. The health of this system relies on – and influences – everyone it touches. Signs of poor health in any part impacts the whole. We’re all connected.

How healthy is our Internet? How might we understand and diagnose it?

We've identified five Internet health markers:

Open Innovation

“Open” means that anyone can publish or invent online without asking for permission, and that the technologies used to run the Web are transparent and understandable.

Digital Inclusion

Everyone deserves equal opportunity to access the Internet, and to use it to improve their lives and societies.


Decentralization means the Internet is controlled by many. It’s millions of devices linked together in an open network. No one actor can own it, control it, or switch it off for everyone.

Privacy and Security

The safety and security of the Internet impacts us all. We should be able to understand what is happening to our data, and have the ability to control how it is used.

Web Literacy

We need everyone to have the skills to read, write and participate in the digital world, so more people can move beyond consuming to actually creating, shaping and defending the Web.

Learn more about this and join us in writing the Internet Health Report.

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