This year, in addition to developing a MozFest Volunteer cookbook to pass along our London community’s organizing expertise and wisdom, we’re exploring what it means to be a virtual Volunteer for MozFest 2021.

We’re looking for a global community of Volunteers dedicated to a healthier internet, more trustworthy AI, and a more just and equitable world. These Volunteers will help support the organizers, Facilitators, and participants at MozFest 2021, our unique hybrid event bringing together art, tech, and civil actors fighting for a more humane digital world. If this sounds exciting to you, you can sign up to be a volunteer at MozFest right now!

What is virtual volunteering?

Right now, we’re imagining Volunteer roles like:

  • People who help Facilitators run and trouble-shoot online sessions.
  • People who help participants navigate the festival, its program, and its spaces.
  • People who help welcome participants to social spaces like online coffee, tea, and hot chocolate hours.

How can I volunteer at MozFest 2021?

Please consider volunteering and register by clicking below:

We’d love to know about other virtual Volunteer roles that suggest we include, as well. What kinds of Volunteer roles do you think might be most helpful or needed?

What’s next?

We’re also asking ourselves how we provide value back to our Volunteers through continued traditions (like the Volunteer t-shirt) and new opportunities (like networking events with festival partners). We want to know what would make Volunteering valuable to you.

If you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions for us, please reach out on the #volunteer channel the MozFest community Slack or send a slack message to Chad Sansing (chadsansing) or Marc Walsh (marcwalsh).

We want to create an accessible, inclusive, welcoming, and well-coordinated festival experience for all of our participants, and we can’t wait to collaborate with a team of Volunteers who excel at exactly that.

Please feel free to share this invitation with others who might be interested, especially with people you think of as the next generation of MozFest organizers and champions of internet health and trustworthy AI. Volunteering is a great way to learn about the festival and its intersections with several movements related to a more equitable and just internet and world. We would love to welcome new and young leaders into the volunteer and MozFest communities.

Thank you so much for thinking about this opportunity to sign up to be a Volunteer at MozFest 2021! We’ll share more information soon after the start of the new year.

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Chad Sansing works on leadership and training, as well as facilitator and newcomer support, for MozFest. When he’s not at work, you can find him gaming, reading, or enjoying time with his family. Prior to joining Mozilla, he taught middle school for 14 years.

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