Fi Series 2

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Fi Series 2

Barking Labs, Corp
Wifi Bluetooth

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GPS, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth. This smart dog collar has them all to let you track your dog, your dog walker, and your dog's best friends 24/7. This puppy is "chew-proof, water-proof, and generally dog-proof" according to the company. And it lets you track your pup's exercise and sleep levels and compare them to other dogs around the US. Just don't give your dog an inferiority complex. Especially if you plan to connect your Instagram and share pictures with other Fi users. We don't need a doggy mental health crisis caused by social media too!

¿Qué podría pasar si algo falla?

Well dang. For a GPS tracker that tracks precise location, this product fails at telling us how it uses all the data this GPS, LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth-enabled collar and app can collect. The only privacy policy we could find for Fi Series 2 dog collar clearly states it only applies to their website, So, all that location data, those steps, any data you might share if you connect your Instagram, and who knows what else you might be sharing, we could find no way to tell how the company uses that data, protects that data, shares or sells that data, or allows you to control that data. That’s not good. This product could definitely come with *privacy not included.

Consejos para protegerte

  • Check Fi's app settings to ensure the safest use. You can set up safe zones for your pet, and get notifications once she is outside of the safe zones.
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With no privacy policy for the device, we are unable to tell how the data is used.

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With no privacy policy for the device, we are unable to tell how you can control the data.

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No known incidents in the last 3 years.

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