Fitbark GPS

Fitbark GPS

Fecha de la reseña 02/11/2020

If you want to helicopter parent your canine child, this is the product for you! This little bone-shaped tracking device goes on your dog's collar and will track her just about anywhere in the United States (sorry world, it only works in the US) over Verizon's cellular network. It also connect to WiFi to let you know when you pup enters or exits places you designate as safe. It monitors your dog's activity, sleep habits, scratching habits, and stress 24/7. Link it up with your FitBit, Google Fit, or Apple HealthKit apps and you will always know just what's going on with you doggo, whether she wants you to or not.

Qué podría pasar si algo falla

This GPS version of the Fitbark tracks your dog's movements and whereabouts using all the ways--Bluetooth. WiFi. and GPS. That's a lot of ways to track something and share them with an app on your phone. Could someone hack in and use all this tracking data you're using to keep tabs on your pup to keep tabs on you. For sure. And that could be pretty creepy. Just ask your pup. Fitbark does say it may use, share, or sell anonymized personal data for marketing purposes. This is generally OK, although many privacy researchers will point out it is relatively easy to de-anonymize such data.


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Fitbark will use anonymized data (that does not identify you or your dog) to inform the community about health trends, for marketing and promotional use, or for sale to third parties.

¿Cómo puedes controlar el uso de tus datos?

You can request that data be deleted.

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No incidents in the last 2 years.

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Fitbark does patch certain security aspects of their apps based on periodic penetration testing by a third-party firm.

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Vulnerabilities are tracked and managed via an internal project management platform, and are addressed routinely by our developers. Fitbark does not offer a formal bounty program, but generally rewards those who report vulnerabilities with complimentary products or subscription offerings.

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