Responsible Computing Challenge Playbook

The Teaching Responsible Computing Playbook contains curricula and instructional guides for integrating ethics and responsibility into computing courses. Interested in incorporating responsible computing into your practice? See Instructor’s Guides.


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    Working Across Disciplines

    Northeastern University, Georgetown University

    The benefit of these approaches is that they require less time and effort, and can add breadth by showcasing faculty from different disciplines.

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    Sustainability and Complexity

    Brown University
    Teaching Materials

    The goal of these lessons and assignments is to introduce students to the environmental impacts of computing.

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    Health and Artificial Intelligence

    Allegheny College
    Teaching Materials

    One in five adults living in the United States uses fitness trackers and health-related applications daily. With this continuously growing statistic, arise ethical concerns of big data collection, and how our fitness data can be used.

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What is the Playbook?

The original impetus for the playbook came from the Responsible Computer Science Challenge, where colleges and universities conceptualized, developed, and piloted undergraduate computing curricula that integrate ethics and responsibility. The ultimate goal of Teaching Responsible Computing is to educate a new wave of students who bring holistic thinking to the design of technology products.