Sign our petition to stop France from forcing browsers like Mozilla's Firefox to censor websites

The French government is working on a law that could threaten the free internet. The so-called SREN bill (‘Projet de loi visant à sécuriser et réguler l’espace numérique’) would require web browsers – like Mozilla's Firefox – to block websites in the browsers themselves. It would set a dangerous precedent, providing a playbook for other governments to also turn browsers like Firefox into censorship tools.

We can still stop this – but we don’t have much time. The government introduced the bill to parliament shortly before the summer break and is hoping to pass this as quickly and smoothly as possible; the bill has even been put on an accelerated procedure, with a vote to take place this fall. Add your name to our petition to help stop this part of the bill from becoming law.

For more information on this issue, you can read our blog post "France’s browser-based website blocking proposal will set a disastrous precedent for the open internet".

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