We need to act fast to protect the open internet in India.

Right now the government of India is trying to quietly (and swiftly) pass rules that could change the way that the internet is governed. This move is intended to cut down on misinformation and harmful content, but as it stands now these laws would increase censorship and surveillance while putting civil society organisations and small businesses at risk.

Sign this petition to demand that the government release the most recent drafts of the proposed amendments to change India's intermediary liability rules and meaningfully consider public input that was given earlier this year:

To: Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad
Minister of Electronics and Information Technology
Government of India

We urge you to immediately release the most recent drafts of proposed amendments to change India’s intermediary liability rules. The internet is a lifeline that we depend on to do our jobs, connect with our loved ones, and participate in our democracy. When the public first saw your proposals in January 2019 there were serious concerns, and now there is a risk that these same proposals will be rushed through without fixing the many issues that were raised. As a leader in our democracy, you have a responsibility to allow for public review and inform all stakeholders of the outcome before enacting laws that could fundamentally change the rules that govern the internet in India.

Update: While people from anywhere in the world can show solidarity with this cause and sign the petition, we will be delivering only the signature count of those from India to the government

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