Amazon: clarify how you're safeguarding kids' privacy

Update: Because of your actions, we were able to talk to Amazon about these issues. After hearing our concerns, they’ve updated their product page to link to a page with more information about how they’re safeguarding children’s security. This is an important victory in showing that consumers do care about data protection in product and only possible thanks to your actions!

Amazon is about to release an Echo Dot smart speaker for kids. The company envisions the Alexa-powered device in children's bedrooms, capturing their questions, requests for music and favorite stories.

While Amazon's marketing touts kid-friendly features, it leaves out some very important details about how the Echo Dot will safeguard children's privacy. We've pored over the Echo Dot's product page and we can't find the answer to an important question — What will Amazon do with the information it collects from kids?

This isn't a theoretical question — it's very real. Amazon will soon be in possession of millions of children's questions, singing, conversations and more. What steps will Amazon take to make sure children's sensitive data is extra safe?

Join us in asking Amazon to update its product page to tell parents exactly what it will do with children's data.

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