Mozilla and USAID are awarding 10 grants out of a pool of $250,000 to institutions in India; awards will help shape the next generation of technologists

(INDIA | TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2022) — Today, Mozilla and USAID have opened applications in India for the Responsible Computing Challenge (RCC). Awards of up to $25,000 USD (INR 2,000,000) will be awarded to at least 10 accredited institutions reimagining computing education. Applications will close on August 18 and awardees will be shared later this year.

In August last year, Mozilla announced that RCC would expand to India. The challenge — now in its fifth year — encourages the next generation of technologists to prioritize ethics alongside innovation. The initiative blends Computer Science curricula with other disciplines, like the Humanities, Law, Policy, and Social Sciences.

RCC has been implemented at more than two dozen universities in the U.S. and Kenya with over 15,000 students impacted and 100 distinct classes created. Now, in India, RCC will fuel undergraduate Computer Science curricula that address social context, critical thinking in technology design, inequality in technology, and equitable systems.

Says Steve Azeka, RCC Program Lead at Mozilla: “India is a global leader in digital technology, and graduates about 250,000 university students annually focused on Computer Science. RCC can help ensure these graduates are equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the social, cultural, and ethical dimensions of technology.”

The Responsible Computing Challenge can equip graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the social, cultural, and ethical dimensions of technology.

Steve Azeka, Mozilla

RCC is more than a collection of discrete courses — it’s a global network of educators and students. The program provides a range of resources including lecture materials, software, podcasts, YouTube videos, case studies, and the “Teaching Responsible Computing Playbook,” which provides best practices for integrating ethical considerations into technology design.

For questions specific to the Responsible Computing Challenge, please attend the optional applicant informational webinar in July or contact Jibu Elias at [email protected]/ [email protected].

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