For the internet to reach its full potential, we need public servants who stand for principles like openness, competition, and trust online.

Alan Davidson and Gigi Sohn, both Mozilla alumni, are exactly those kinds of public servants. Mozilla congratulates Alan on his nomination as Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and Gigi on her nomination as Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission.

Mozilla and our community have benefited from Alan's expertise and leadership in both his tenure as Vice President of Global Policy, Trust, and Security and as a Mozilla Tech Policy Fellow. In both roles, Alan showed a fierce commitment to issues like net neutrality, strong encryption, and consumer privacy. He helped steer Mozilla’s work on these vital issues — and, just as importantly, he mentored the next generation of public interest technologists from around the world.

We need public policy that looks out for everyday internet users. Alan has the deep experience to make that a reality — from leadership roles at Google and MIT, to New America and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Gigi is a fierce advocate for an open, affordable, and democratic internet. For years, Gigi has fought tirelessly for Americans’ right to privacy, the importance of competition, the need for fast and fair networks, and a range of other issues in service of the public good.

We had the pleasure of working closely with Gigi during her time as a Mozilla Fellow. During her fellowship, Gigi was a relentless public voice for these issues. She built coalitions to drive these issues forward. And she mentored countless advocates and technologists also working on these issues.

Lastly, Mozilla is thrilled at the historic appointment of Jessica Rosenworcel, who shares our principles of openness, competition, and trust online.

Mozilla will be following the nomination process closely, and once again congratulates Alan and Gigi.