Amazon Sidewalk is billed as a network that amplifies device connectivity. That may be true, but it’s also something else: Amazon Sidewalk is a network that amplifies some of the company’s worst behaviors — like surveillance, poor privacy, and troubling law enforcement partnerships.

From the very moment it was turned on, Amazon Sidewalk undermined consumer privacy. How? Amazon device owners are automatically opted into the network. Forcing consumers to dig around in their settings to opt out and protect their privacy is unacceptable.

Meanwhile, the Amazon Ring continues to promote mass surveillance and, potentially, racist policing. Now Amazon Sidewalk will make those practices more efficient — and make far more Amazon device owners unwilling participants.

This isn’t the first time Mozilla has criticized Amazon. Our *Privacy Not Included Guide has scrutinized Amazon fitness trackers, security cams, and other products for creepy behavior. And Mozilla has called on Amazon to halt its police partnerships.

In the past, Amazon has also shown a willingness to change. Last year, Amazon made two-factor authentication mandatory for all Ring users, following a petition by Mozilla and EFF. So today, we’re calling on Amazon to once again make privacy the default.