XBox Series X & S

XBox Series X & S


Data da avaliação: 8 de Novembro de 2021

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Microsoft's upgraded, powerful Xbox X series and the smaller, cheaper S series have been around for a year now and they're still hard find in stock most places, If you're lucky enough to have one, that 4K, Ultra HD, up to 120 fps power boost is great for games like Halo Infinite, Forza, Fable, Destiny, and more.

O que pode acontecer se algo der errado?

First off, SET UP TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION! If you don't set up two-factor authentication, someone could hack into your Xbox account and buy a bunch of games at your expense. That could be costly and you don’t want that headache.

Microsoft made a change to the privacy policy right before it started selling its new Xbox consoles in 2020. They announced they will no longer collect voice search or speech-to-text data on users. This is good. Especially now that we know Sony will be recording Voice Chats from users with no way to opt out on the PS5 (Sony does this to help combat online abuse, so it’s not a terrible thing, just a good thing to be aware of).

Microsoft does not sell your personal data, which is good. Microsoft says they will use your data to target you with ads on Microsoft properties. Microsoft also says they might share your data with partners like Verizon and Facebook to collect data about your online activity for advertising purposes, and to place their own ads. Finally, Microsoft says they can combine data with third parties, such as data brokers. Be aware though, some of the games you play on the Xbox made by other companies might be collecting and sharing your data and their privacy policies would apply to your personal information. So many freakin’ privacy policies to just play games.

Dicas para se proteger

  • Set up two-factor authenticaion on your XBox account immediately
  • Read XBox's Responsible Gaming guide for safety tips
  • Go into Profile & system > Settings > Account > Privacy & online safety > Xbox privacy and adjust your privacy settings to your comfort level
mobile Privacidade aviso Segurança Inteligência artificial

Pode me bisbilhotar? informações


Dispositivo: Não

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Dispositivo: Não

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Rastreia localização

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O que pode ser usado para se inscrever?

Que dados a empresa coleta?

Como a empresa usa esses dados?

Microsoft does not sell your personal data. When you play games offered through other companies on the platform, you may share your data with those third parties.

Como você pode controlar seus dados?

You can manage your data via the Microsoft Privacy dashboard.

No retention details are found in the privacy policy.

Qual é o histórico conhecido da empresa na proteção de dados dos usuários?

Precisa de melhorias

Microsoft suffered a major hack that left their Microsoft Exchange email service vulnerable and exploited. That hack didn’t affect the privacy of the XBox directly. In December, 2019, 250 million Microsoft internal customer service and support logs were exposed online,

Este produto pode ser usado offline?


Informações de privacidade fáceis de entender?


Hard to find Xbox-specific info in the general Microsoft privacy statement.

Links para informações de privacidade

Este produto atende aos nossos padrões mínimos de segurança? informações




Uses encryption in transit and at rest.

Senha forte


Atualizações de segurança


Gerencia vulnerabilidades


Política de privacidade


O produto usa inteligência artificial? informações


The Xbox Series X & S utilizes AI for automatically adjusting the color and contrast of images on the screen.

Esta inteligência artificial não é confiável?

Não foi possível determinar

Que tipo de decisões a inteligência artificial faz sobre você ou por você?

A empresa é transparente sobre como funciona a inteligência artificial?


O usuário tem controle sobre os recursos da inteligência artificial?

Não foi possível determinar


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