MozFest House is a regional MozFest with small in-person sessions, workshops, discussions and art installations as well as networking and social moments.

MozFest, our keystone event, has been online and coming to you for the past 3 years, so wherever you are in the world you can join us. As the world opens up again, we are hosting more locally-focused programs on a regional level to align with the wider global issues around the globe.

Our local partners, friends and allies will be hosting their own sessions to interrogate how issues such as bias, transparency, movement building, and data stewardship are affecting local policies, security, and community.

It is a moment to be reflective of how globally recognizable issues affect the internet health movement but from local perspectives - such as education, local government, and communities.

MozFest House allows for the connections, collaborations, and learnings to be taken home from MozFest and continue to be built upon and learnt from. In turn, MozFest House supports local initiatives momentum towards the next MozFest Virtual in 2024. The core of MozFest, its ability to harness the power of unexpected partnerships to reimagine our online world, remains true at MozFest House.

A group of 3 people sitting on the floor at the bottom of an ornate staircase. The photo is taken from above.
MozFest House 2019 | Photo by Henry Kenyon

The History of House

Back in 2017, MozFest House started as a pre-week to the MozFest weekend (then, live in London) where we took over a single venue (our House!) in the center of the city. This enabled our friends and allies to host their own decentralized programs for a defined audience on a set topic. The House was buzzing with sessions, discussions, conversation corners, art installations and socials from partners such as the BBC R&D team, Beta NYC, Interledger Foundation, MisInfoCon and many more!

Four people sitting around a table. The three people on the right side and looking at the person speaking, who is on the left in the foreground.
MozFest House 2019 | Photo by Henry Kenyon

MozFest House 2023 FAQ

What does 2023 look like for MozFest House?

We recognize that travel is not open to all and MozFest has enabled us to come to you in your homes, offices, organizations to tackle the issues that mean the most to you. The MozFest House model is where we identify a local community we are working with and invite local partners to join us to further the work they are doing in the region.

We’ll kick off at 5pm on Monday June 19 with registration and a networking welcome party until 9pm. On June 20 & 21 we’ll then host 2 days of parallel participatory sessions for you to join across the 2-days as you wish. Spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis, but if you can’t join a session, don’t worry, the venue is full of common spaces with installations, networking, and co-working opportunities. And in true MozFest style, there will be plenty of coffee!

A person grabbing an empty cup from a stack of colorful, pink and orange cups all stacked neatly in a row, upside down in the foreground. The person is wearing a black shirt and standing next to a coffee machine
MozFest House 2019 | Photo by Henry Kenyon

Where is MozFest House this year?

Mozfest House takes place in Tolhuistuin, IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam.

Tolhuistuin is a cultural center in the North of the City, a few mins ferry ride from Amsterdam Central station with views over the Ij River.

Tolhuistuin is a vibrant cultural stage - with an idyllic garden that connects the iconic buildings with various studios and workshop spaces which we will take over for MozFest House.

A photo of a very lush garden
Garden at Tolhuistuin

We are excited for MozFest House to be part of this programming and to align with the values and vision of Tolhuistuin.

How can I register for a pass to attend?

With a ticket you can access sessions across the day (on a first-come first-served basis), plus there will be plenty of space and opportunity to co-work, network, and grab a coffee – on us! There is also a restaurant onsite should you wish to purchase food.

We offer a variety of passes for you to join us across the 3 days:

  • A full festival ticket gives you access to the full program, including our Monday evening welcome.
  • Day tickets enable you to choose a day to join us, but you can also purchase an Add-On on a ticket for our Monday evening welcome
  • All tickets for June 20 & 21 give you full access to all sessions & common spaces

The full schedule is to be available in May, so be sure to keep an eye on updates on the MozFest House Page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates directly in your inbox as they become available.

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How can I bring my session to MozFest House?

Are you a local individual or organization who is working towards making the internet a safer and more open place for all? Do you have projects that are looking into bias, transparency or data stewardship? Contact us at [email protected] telling us all about yourself and your ideas for a session and we’ll get in touch to find out more.

Join us! We can’t wait to see you in June!

MozFest is part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. To learn more, visit

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Lucie Click

Lucie Click

MozFest Event Manager, working on producing MozFest23 in a virtual world and well as other smaller MozFest community events.

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