Healthcare, elections, maps, bank loans, killer-robots: AI is fueling all of these and more. And while we hear AI improves our lives, well-being, and information ecosystems, it’s worth asking: is it really an improvement for everyone? And who gets to decide how and where AI shows up in our lives?

The newest season of Mozilla’s award winning podcast, IRL, is packed with people who are asking these questions and — more importantly — offering answers and solutions. It’s a collaboration with Mozilla’s annual Internet Health Report, a collective storytelling project that highlights people fighting for a healthier internet.

The podcast and the report are both all about telling unexpected stories about how online life shapes real life, which is why we’ve been hoping for this collaboration for years.

You’ll recognize the same nerdy, curious take on big topics that IRL does so well. And if you loved the data visualizations from previous Internet Health Reports, fear not, we do too! We have a new collection ready to share with you on July 18 alongside the release of the first episode.

Listen to the trailer

So join our wonderful new host, Bridget Todd, for a look at AI from around the world. From Quito, Ecuador to the townships of South Africa, to San Francisco and Washington DC, learn from the people making trustworthy AI a reality.

Be sure to follow IRL wherever you get your podcasts from, and listen to the trailer, out today.

We can’t wait to share these stories with you.