Tech + Society Fellowship

Tech + Society Fellowship

Fellowship Details

Fellows will join a cohort of public interest technologists and human rights organizations from Eastern Africa, MENA, Brazil, India, and Mexico. Up to 10 fellows will be chosen and each matched with an organization in the same region.

The fellowship will run no less than 18 months and no more than 24 months, starting in August 2024.

The fellowship is an opportunity for technologists and civil society organizations, each with their own unique areas of expertise, to work in collaboration with one another and the cohort in shared purpose. Fellows should expect to: -

  • contribute to the impact of their host organizations in a way that leverages technology to further the organization’s cause or to mitigate potential harms;
  • partner with civil society organizations to advance societal issues as they converge with technology and ensure the voices of their communities are represented in wider efforts toward a more just digital world;.
  • develop a deeper understanding of how to effectively engage in movement building work using their tech-related skills; and
  • work on independent, aligned work that focuses on tools or resources that benefit the public interest in the region.

Past Tech & Society Fellows have held big tech platforms accountable in Kenya; exposed algorithmic racism in Brazil; advocated for marginalized communities online in Mexico; and more.

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Fellowship Stipend

Taking the whole person into consideration and recognizing that technology has a global terrain and is a global industry, we take the following approach in supporting fellows -

  1. Each fellow will receive a stipend of $60,000 USD/year
  2. In addition to the fellowship stipend, each fellow will also have access to personal supplements, which are intended to support an individual’s wellbeing.
  3. Fellows will also have access to supplemental funding to help advance their independent, aligned work.
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Additional Support

In addition to funding, we also offer the following support and resources to Fellows

  • Expert Support: Fellows will have access to Mozilla Fellows and other experts in Mozilla’s network with relevant subject matter expertise.
  • Cohort and Individual Support: Fellows will convene virtually as a cohort for group working and feedback sessions, peer-to-peer support, and/or workshops; and meet 1:1 with Mozilla staff for additional support.
  • Community: Mozilla helps to facilitate connections for Fellows with like-minded leaders, partner organizations, alumni, and Mozilla staff.
  • Showcasing Work: Mozilla holds an annual festival called MozFest which brings together artists, activists, thinkers, and builders working from around the world who are all working towards a healthier internet. This event provides a place and an opportunity to convene, facilitate or curate in a way that helps fellows and awardees raise the issues that are most pressing for them and their communities.
  • Communication Support: Mozilla’s Communications and Marketing Team provides a range of support for Fellows.
  • Wellness benefits: Flexible funding for fellows to use for mental and physical health, childcare, or other needs.
  • Travel support: Funding to facilitate participation in in-person events, meetings, and other project work
  • Project and equipment budget: Budget to use toward furthering the fellows’ projects
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The working language for the fellowship is English, and all meetings and events held by Mozilla will be in English. That said, we also recognize that English is not a primary language for many and will do our best to accommodate specific language supports (such as translation or interpretation) as needed and on a case-by-case basis.

While the working language of the fellowship program is English, fellows are invited to publish their work in any language. We do, however, require that all fellowship reporting, such as any interim and final reports, to be submitted in English.

Additionally, fellows may need proficiency in other languages in order to collaborate effectively with their host organizations. The information about specific language preferences for different organizations can be found here.

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Reporting Requirements

Fellows and host organizations will participate in regular calls with a Mozilla program officer to track progress and consult for support. At the onset of the fellowship, fellows and organizations will co-create a work plan with clear objectives and outputs. At the midpoint and end of the fellowship, fellows are expected to:

  • Submit a final report, including a budget report
  • Submit the research summary
  • Submit a copy of the report and/or other related media outputs made publicly available

Fellows and host organizations will be encouraged and supported to share publicly about their work during the fellowship as well, at events and in media.