Tech + Society Fellowship

Tech + Society Fellowship


About the fellowship

Why do we look to partner with host organizations? Why is it important to Mozilla and to the Internet Health community?

The fellowship relationship gives host organizations and like-minded fellows focused on public interest technology access to each other’s insights and experiences toward the pursuit of shared goals and missions. This relationship strengthens the strategic technology know-how and openness of civil society organizations to better serve the public needs, and provides growth opportunity for the fellows as individuals and leaders. We understand that effective and responsible technology, tools, and strategies are critical for such civil society organizations to not only best execute their mission, but also to protect the sensitive data and communities they serve. Engaging host partners enables Mozilla to build deeper relationships with organizations who share our goal of a healthier internet and more deeply and effectively impact the communities served. Learn more about the program design.

What are the expectations of fellows embedded with host organizations?

The fellows are embedded in host organizations as strategy partners with the objective of sharing and utilizing their expertise to enhance the impact of their work. As part of that, we expect fellows to:

  • Champion the open Internet in collaboration with their fellowship cohort peers
  • Be an active contributor to the culture and mission of the host organization
  • Participate in Mozilla-organized events, such as conferences, learning opportunities, and weekly calls, and community events (MozFest, etc.)
  • Communicate and share openly their work on an ongoing basis (e.g., blog posts)
  • Work on projects that align with the host organization’s mission and fellow’s interests for the benefit of a healthy internet and trustworthy technology movements.
What is the timeline?

Fellowship Period

The fellowships will start in August 2024 and be at least 18 and no longer than 24 months in duration.


Applications for 2024-2026 fellows open in December 2023. The final list of Host and Fellow matches will be communicated by June 2024 and publicly announced by September 2024.

Do fellows get paid?

Yes. Mozilla Tech + Society Fellows will receive a stipend of $60,000 USD/year and have access to personal supplements, which are intended to support an individual’s wellbeing. They will also receive access to separate funding to support their individual projects and collaboration with the host organization.

Am I required to openly license my work?

To ensure the widest possible distribution of award-funded materials and to ensure that they remain generally available to the public, our grant agreement includes a requirement for awardees to release any project-related content under a Creative Commons license and any project-related code under an open source license.

If you have governance concerns about releasing your project-related work under an open source license, we encourage you to include a note on this in your application with an explanation and this will be considered accordingly.

Will the fellow work from the organization’s office?

Many fellows work remotely or may only visit the office occasionally. When possible, we do try to match fellows with host organizations in or near where they live to facilitate closer collaboration, but there have been many successful Mozilla fellows who have been embedded in organizations in different cities or countries. We do not provide relocation support or visas for fellows to move to be in the same city or country as a host organization. You can read more about the host organizations and their preferences here.

Are there any supports Mozilla provides to fellows in addition to funding?

We strive to provide fellows with the resources needed to unlock their full potential and to make their work more sustainable in the long term. While the specific types of support are tailored to the unique needs of the fellows and cohorts, providing opportunities for peer learning and community, mentorship, and communications support are key elements of our accompaniment approach across all of our fellowships and awards programs. Learn more about the details of this fellowship.

Submitting an application

Where do I submit my application?

Please visit to submit your application.

Can I submit my application in a language other than English?

We require that all applications are submitted in English.

However, recognizing that English is not a primary language for many people, we encourage you to use translation support to complete the application, including free translation tools/apps. We also offer a space in the application for you to let us know if a translation tool was used to complete the application. We ask this to support reviewers to read the application based on how it was prepared in order to remove language bias from the application review.

Applications are reviewed for conceptual strength, not quality of language.

How do I use Fluxx?

Please consult the application guidelines for detailed information on the application and tips for using Fluxx.

This Fluxx 101 Guide provides instructions for setting up a Fluxx account and completing a full application.

Who should I contact if I need assistance with Fluxx?

If you need help using Fluxx, please contact [email protected].

What if I have more questions?

If your questions are about the fellowship opportunity or program, please reach out to us at [email protected].

If your questions are about the application itself or you’re having issues with Fluxx, please email [email protected].