Artie 3000 Coding Robot

Artie 3000 Coding Robot

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Artie 3000 is a little robot designed to help teach kids to code. It's marketed to parents and educators as an"award-winning coding robot." With built-in local WiFi, a variety of coding apps, remote control, and even the ability to draw, Artie sounds pretty darn fun and it's got the STEM learning chops many parents are looking for. And good news, Artie 3000 is pretty 100 at privacy too!

Que pourrait-il se passer en cas de problème ?

Artie 3000, are you a visitor from a planet where privacy is paramount? It’s hard to imagine what could go wrong with this adorable coding robot. Artie 3000 doesn’t collect data of any kind, so no worries there. And with Artie’s built-in local WiFi, it doesn’t connect directly to the internet. One security researcher found Artie very safe. He did point out it could be possible, although very very unlikely, that Artie could be used to deliver malware. He said it was much more likely Artie 3000 would be used to plant the seed of curiosity for coding in future generations.

Here's what Artie 300 says on their website, "Artie 3000 is inherently designed to be one of the safest and most secure coding robots on the market. When it comes to Artie 3000 there is no Wi-Fi or log-in required. In fact, Artie 3000 never connects to the internet. As there is only a one way transmission of data from the user to the product Artie 3000 does not collect data of any kind. " Yay!

We don't think much could go wrong with Artie besides maybe getting permanent marker on your kitchen table. Check those marker labels, people! And we're all for teaching kids to code at a young age if they're interested. All in all, we think Artie 3000 seems like a pretty good bot. So go on, have an Artie party!

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- Enjoy Artie 3000 with you kids!

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No sign up, it is plug & play

Quelles données l’entreprise collecte-t-elle ?

Comment l’entreprise utilise-t-elle les données ?

No data is collected. Artie 3000 never connects to the internet - it has built-in local WiFi and uses that to communicate with a screen device.

Espressif ESP chipset is at the core of this robot. This is a lightweight microcontroller design which limits the types of vulnerabilities possible.

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"Educational Insights may share information collected with its affiliated companies, however, Educational Insights currently does not sell email addresses to third parties."

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No data is collected

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No known incidents in the last 3 years.

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Artie 3000 never connects to the internet.

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No internet connection, thus no need to encrypt data flows

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Gestion des vulnérabilités


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*Confidentialité non incluse

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