Ubtech Jimu Robot Kits

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Ubtech Jimu Robot Kits

Fecha de la reseña 02/11/2020

Coding robots for kids are cool. These coding kits from Ubtech come in all shapes and sizes--from a dragon-shaped Firebot to a truck-shaped Overdrive bot, to our favorite, the Unicornbot complete with light-up horn. Whichever bot you choose, code it up to detect distance with sonar, navigate obstacles with IR sensors, program the lights to flash and the motor to rev up. These bots sounds like fun and learning for all ages.

Qué podría pasar si algo falla

As cool as these robot kits look, there are some red flags we see with them. First off, the app you use to control these robots accesses the camera, microphone, and tracks your location. This, by itself, isn't a deal breaker. Although, that is a lot of access to give to a device your kid will be playing with. The real issue we have is that the privacy policy we found for this product applies only to the website, not to the Jimu device or app. So, a product that could potentially be collecting a lot of data on your kid as it plays with this toy has no privacy policy we found for how it uses, protects, or doesn't protec,t that data. Not good. So if your child is playing with the Unicornbot and the camera is on and records the kid playing, we have no idea how Ubtech handles those recordings.


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Unknown. The privacy policy applies only to the website, not to the Jimu device or app.

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You can request that data be deleted.

¿Qué historial tiene la compañía en cuanto a la protección de los datos de los usuarios?


No known incidents in the last 2 years.

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We were unable to determine whether the company manages security vulnerabilities.

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Ubtech has a privacy policy but it doesn't appear to apply to the device – only the company's website.

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