Artie 3000 Coding Robot
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Artie 3000 Coding Robot

Fecha de la reseña 23/10/2019

Artie is a little robot designed to help teach kids to code. It's marketed to parents and educators as an"award-winning coding robot." With built-in WiFi, a variety of coding apps, remote control, and even the ability to draw, Artie sounds pretty darn fun. It's got the STEM learning chops many parents are looking for. Unfortunately, the company never replied to our questions about Artie's privacy and security. And the only privacy policy we could find applies only to their website, not Artie or the app that controls Artie. All that makes it really hard to tell if Artie is a good bot or a bad bot.

Estándares mínimos de seguridad

Cinco pasos básicos que todas las empresas deberían tomar para proteger la privacidad de los clientes. Más información.

Calificación general de seguridad
0,5/5 estrella
We were unable to determine if this device uses encryption.
Actualizaciones de seguridad
We were unable to determine whether this device receives regular security updates.
Contraseña fuerte
The device pairs securely via a local WiFi hotspot, which does not require a password.
Gestiona las vulnerabilidades
We were unable to determine whether the company manages security vulnerabilities.
Política de privacidad
Educational Insights has a privacy policy but it doesn't appear to apply to the device – only the company's website.

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¿Cómo gestiona la privacidad?

¿Cómo comparte datos?
Unknown. The privacy policy applies only to the website, not to the Artie device or app specifically. Educational Insights claimed in an email to us that Artie 3000 does not collect data of any kind, as "there is only a one way transmission of data from the user to the product."
¿Puedes borrar tus datos?
¿Controles parentales?
¿La información de privacidad es fácil de entender?
Educational Insights doesn't have privacy information available about the device.
Enlaces a información de privacidad

Qué podría pasar si algo falla

We want to love Artie and his code teaching abilities. Unfortunately, Artie raises some red flags for us. For a product with built-in WiFi, we were unable to tell if Artie encrypts the data it sends between your computer and Artie and the app that controls Artie. Also, Artie seems to function as an open WiFi hotspot, no password required. These questions raise the concern that Artie could be hacked and any data sent over Artie's WiFi could be open to anyone. These are not the lessons we think young coders should be learning

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