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Marco Polo is less a video call app and more a video sharing app. There are no real-time calls. Instead, users record and share videos (or texts or audio-only recordings)--called Polos--with people in their contacts. Record a video of you dancing with your dog. Upload it and leave it for your friend or family group. They'll hop on and view it when they have a moment and reply with a video of their own. Call, respond, Marco, Polo. Get it? Marco Polo has been around since 2014. Thanks to pandemic growth, some enthusiastic celebrity users like P!nk, Amy Poehler, and Ice T, and apparently the US state of Utah (which one report said has the app's biggest user base, who knew?), Marco Polo now has over ten million users worldwide.

¿Qué podría pasar si algo falla?

Marco Polo seems to do an OK job protecting your privacy. It uses encryption in transit and at rest. It does not use stronger end-to-end encryption because they say they want to be able to retrieve those precious memories of yours stored on their servers if you happen to lose your phone. One thing that does worry us a little is how Marco Polo handles the deletion of those precious Polo videos. If you chose to delete your account, remember to delete all your Polos first, as it appears users aren’t able to delete these videos after you delete your account. And any Polos you don’t delete can remain accessible to other users. What's the worst that could happen? Well, we’d hate for that super embarrassing Polo you sent that one drunken night to remain available to dig up even after you delete your Marco Polo account. No one needs that stuff hanging around the internet forever.

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¿Qué se puede usar para registrarse?

¿Qué datos recopila la empresa?

¿Cómo utiliza la empresa estos datos?

Marco Polo claims they don't use your personal information for ad targeting. The company shares your data with other users and third-party providers, though. The company claims that "Service Providers will have access to your Personal Information needed to perform their business functions, but may not use or share that Personal Information for purposes outside the scope of their functions related to the Service". Be careful: people that already have your phone number in their phone’s address book, may see your name, photo, mobile number, email, birth day and/or birth month.

¿Cómo puedes controlar el uso de tus datos?

Marco Polo says they can retain all your data indefinitely, unless you delete your account. If you delete your account, your personal information and any scrapbooks you recorded will be deleted plus you will be removed from any Marco Polo groups. The retention periods and retention methods are not provided. Even after you delete your account, your videos (Polos) will remain accessible to other users. Moreover, you can not delete any videos after deleting the account.

¿Qué historial tiene la compañía en cuanto a la protección de los datos de los usuarios?


In the past, Marco Polo sent text message invitations from your phone to your top contacts without explicit permission. These invitations used your nickname from their contact list, thus personalising a message like "Hi bunny! Please download Marco Polo app, so that I can send you a video!"

¿El producto se puede usar sin conexión?

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The privacy policy is written using overly abstract language, and it seems to hide the app's weaknesses behind legalese clauses.

Enlaces a información de privacidad

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No end-to-end encryption, but encryption at rest and in transit.

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There is no password requirement in Marco Polo. To sign up, an SMS authentication is used.

Actualizaciones de seguridad

Marco Polo is updated weekly, and each update is annotated with what is new.

Gestiona las vulnerabilidades

Vulnerabilities can be reported here

Política de privacidad

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¿Tiene el usuario control sobre las características de la IA?

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*privacidad no incluida

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