Eufy Video Doorbells

Eufy Video Doorbells

Review date: 11/02/2020

Eufy's line of video doorbells--they sell both wired and battery powered version at 2K and 1080p resolutions--keep it all in house. They don't offer a cloud storage subscription, only local storage. Which, for the privacy conscious homeowner who wants a video doorbell but doesn't want video from that doorbell living in the cloud where hackers, law enforcement, or who knows else could access it, is a good thing. Eufy also let's you access your locally stored footage from anywhere and uses strong encryption to protect it in transmission. Otherwise, these video doorbells do what all the others do--HD video, motion detection, two-way audio, and they work with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Hey, sometimes keeping it all at home is the best--and most private--option.

What could happen if something goes wrong

We really like what Eufy does with their video doorbell cam. All of your security cam footage is stored locally, not in the much less secure cloud. You can still access your videos at any time through the Eufy app, and that footage is protected by military-grade encryption in transit from your local storage to your phone. This is all very cool. Eufy also doesn't sell their customer lists, which is good. Eufy's AI provides human detection of your security cam footage. One key value of Eufy's local storage is that all AI analyses are done locally, which ensures privacy and is usually much quicker than cloud-based analyses. All in all, we're impressed with Eufy and their privacy and security practices.


Can it snoop on me?


Device: Yes

App: Yes


Device: Yes

App: Yes

Tracks Location

Device: Yes

App: Yes

What is required to sign up?

What data does it collect?

How does it use this data?

Eufy does not rent or sell their customer lists.

How can you control your data?

You can request that data be deleted.

What is the company’s known track record for protecting users’ data?


No known incidents in the last 2 years.

Can this product be used offline?


User friendly privacy information?


Links to privacy information


Does this product meet our Minimum Security Standards?




Video recordings are encrypted and can only be viewed via the Eufy app.

Strong password


Security updates


Manages vulnerabilities


Privacy policy


Artificial Intelligence

Does the product use AI?


Does the AI use your personal data to make decisions about you?

Can’t Determine

Does the company allow users to see how the AI works?

Can’t Determine

Eufy's AI provides human detection. One key value of Eufy's local storage is that all AI analyses are done locally, which ensures privacy and is usually much quicker than cloud-based analyses.

Company contact info

Phone Number





Eufy responds to huge privacy breach, attributes unauthorized camera access to server ‘bug’
9 to 5 Mac
A huge Eufy privacy breach allowed users to view the live and recorded camera feeds of strangers. Eufy has now responded to this security breach, bizarrely attributing it to a “bug” that has since been fixed.


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