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Whistle GO Explore

Mars, Incorporated
WLAN Bluetooth

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Have you ever thought, "I need a fitness tracker for my dog?!" If so, the Whistle GO Explore is for you. This little doohickey attaches to your dog's collar and lets you track where she is while also monitoring her activity. It combines GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular tech to track your pup at all times (only in North America, sorry rest of the world), alert you if she leaves a "safe area," and lets you know if she is getting enough exercise. It even monitors if your pup is licking, scratching, or sleeping too much and offers access to tele-vets. It does require a monthly or yearly subscription to do all this. You'll love it. Your dog might find it pretty creepy.

Was könnte passieren, wenn etwas schiefgeht?

Whistle seems to collect a good bit of information on their users, both human and canine, as far as we can tell. Their privacy policy is quite confusing though. The only privacy policy we could find mentions that it covers the website and apps, but makes no mention of if it covers devices too. So, we did our best to review what data we think they collect but because we couldn’t find clear information on what data the device collects, shares or sells, or uses, we’re not 100% sure we can tell exactly what Whistle does with all your data, both human and pet.

Whistle collects personal information on you such as age, gender, hobby or activities, taste or preferences, and geolocation data. They collect your information on your dog like your pup's breed, birthday, treatment history, and location too. They also say they may get even more personal information on you from third parties, such as data brokers or social media platforms. And they say they use all this data they collect on you and your pet to do, among other things, targeted advertising. So if you visit one of those big box stores with your pup, that could mean lots of ads following you around afterwards. Finally, Whistle may sell or share anonymized data to third parties. This is a good time to point out that many privacy researchers claim it can be relatively easy to de-anonymize such data, especially location data.

Another thing to consider, this device uses all the tracking and connection tech — GPS, cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. That's a lot of connectivity. That could turn creepy if someone with bad intentions wanted to know more about you and your best friend too. Here’s hoping none of this data gets leaked on the internet where people could learn you and your dog are actually kinda lazy….or worse.

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Whistle says that the device tracks "pet’s health, fitness, gps location, and so much more." This privacy policy only applies to information collected by the app ("Whistle: Smart Pet Tracker") and other places your info is collected, like websites and social media. The data practices related to the device itself are unknown.

Per NYTimes article from September 2021, Whistle told journalists that they do not share customer or location data from the Whistle Go tracker or app. However, according to the Mars (parent company) privacy policy, Mars does collect and share data with third parties for targeted ads. This privacy policy only covers what the app ("Whistle: Smart Pet Tracker") collects, so the data practicies related to the device itself are unknown.

Mars says they can "get protected classification characteristics directly from you or from third parties, such as data brokers or social media platforms." That they get "geolocation data directly from you, indirectly from you (e.g., if you allow location services), and/or from third parties like social media platforms." Third-party service and advertising partners may also collect information automatically. In the app, they collect data on users such as age, gender, hobby or activities, taste or preferences. The app also collects data on pets such as your pet’s species, breed, birthday, or treatment history – which is not considered Personal Data. Mars may use demographic and preference information for advertising to target users for whom they are most relevant. Finally, Mars says, “We may sell anonymized data to third parties, and we may share anonymized or non-personally identifying information as described above. We may combine anonymized or de-identified information with other anonymized or de-identified information from other sources. We also may share aggregated and anonymized information with third parties, including for example advisors, advertisers, and investors, for general business analysis.”

Wie können Sie Ihre Daten kontrollieren?

You can ask to access or delete your data, collected through the app. But Mars will respond to any rights request in accordance with local legal regulations. There is no mentioned way to delete data on your pet, as there is no privacy policy related to the device. Whistle claims that the device tracks "pet’s health, fitness, gps location, and so much more." There is no device-specific privacy policy, so we are unable to find out which of these data is transferred to the server, how it is shared/sold, and how it can be deleted.

Wie ist das Unternehmen in der Vergangenheit mit den Daten über seine Verbraucher umgegangen?


In 2018, security researchers discovered that the Whistle 3 tracker transmitted data to the server without any authentication. This means that anyone could substitute it, altering the coordinates in the process.

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No device-related privacy policy

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Encrypts data in transit and at rest. Selectively encrypts sensitive payloads in accordance with Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth) standards.

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Whistle uses third party security services to perform routine security assessments at predefined intervals. It also utlizes its beta client pool to receive and address bugs.



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