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There are a number of Bible apps available with tens of millions of downloads and reportedly questionable privacy practices. We couldn't review all of the Bible apps out , so we picked one to review to give users an idea of our concerns and what they should look for when choosing a Bible app. iDailybread's King James Version Bible app has over 50 million installs on the Google Play store alone. It is a wildly popular app that says it "keeps God’s teaching at your fingertips" by allowing users to study, read, and listen to the Bible at any time as it can be used without internet access. The app is free to download and offers a $5 a month subscription to use ad-free.

Our concern is flags have been raised about who is really behind this app. It seems the company is a hard-to-pin-down mobile gaming organization located in Hong Kong and their privacy policy does raise some concerns for us about where your personal information is going and how exactly it is used. We'll just add, with all apps, including Bible based apps, users should do their research before downloading.

Was könnte passieren, wenn etwas schiefgeht?

What worries us about iDailyBread's King James Bible app? Well, for starters, it's concerning to us the company making the app is a bit of a mystery. iDailyBread is reportedly a Chinese mobile gaming company, and some such companies have a history of creating apps that do a lot of data collection. We raise this concern because there have been a number of reports, including this Buzzfeed News piece, laying out how too many Christian apps have targeted users for potential data profiteering, preying upon those who pray.

With that caution in mind, what did we find in iDailyBread's privacy policy? For starters, it's a pretty short, sometimes vague policy. They do say they can collect personal information such as name and email. They collect device ID and GPS location from you as well. They go on to say they combine the information they collect on you with additional information from third parties to " provide you with a better experience and to improve the quality of our services" which we assume could include targeted advertising, personalization and more. The company also says they allow third-party companies to "collect and use non-personally identifiable information during your time in the app in order to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of greater interest to you."

So they are collecting your information and sharing information with third parties for advertising purposes targeted at your interests. This isn't great and might not be what you expect when you download a Bible app to help with daily Bible study. As for opting out, they say "You may decline to submit personal information to any of our services, in which case we may not be able to provide those services to you." Which could mean you can chose not to give them your information if you chose not to use their services.

There are some concerning things missing from the app's privacy policy too. Nowhere does iDailyBread specifically state that they don’t sell user data, which is something we like to see stated clearly. They also make no mention of how they handle children's data collection and privacy, which is another red flag for an app targeted at "everyone" in the app store. One other red flag we really don't like, the only option to login to the app seem to be by using your Facebook or Google logins, which means these ad companies can collect even more data on you and your Bible app usage. We here at *Privacy Not Included recommend never using your social media account logins for other applications.

None of these flags make us feel good about your privacy as you use iDailyBread's King James Bible app. Maybe going old school is better with your Bible study? Advertisers, marketers, and data brokers will never know when and how often you crack open your physical Bible. Which means they can't target you based on how close they think you are to God. That sounds like a good thing to us.

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  • Study your physical Bible rather than this digital version that could be collecting a whole lot of your personal information to target you with ads.
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KJV Bible may combine your information with information from third parties to provide you with a better experience and to improve the quality of their service.

When you access an iDailybread Bible app, they may collect your Unique Device ID ('UDID') and/or IP address and/or GPS location. They use this information to provide a tailored experience for you.

KJV Bible allows third-party companies to collect certain information when you visit their website for their own use and subject to their own privacy policies. These companies collect and use non-personally identifiable information during your time in the app in order to provide advertisements about goods and services likely to be of greater interest to you.

The company does not clearly state they won't sell your data, which we like to see included in a privacy policy.

Unless explicit permission is obtained from you, they restrict access to personal information to its employees, contractors and agents who need to know that information to operate, develop or improve our services. These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to discipline, including termination and criminal prosecution, if they fail to meet these obligations.

Wie können Sie Ihre Daten kontrollieren?

KJV Bible make good faith efforts to provide you with access to your personal information and either to correct this data if it is inaccurate or to delete such data at your request if it is not otherwise required to be retained by law or for legitimate service purposes.

No retention details are stated.

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No known privacy or security incidents discovered in the last 3 years.

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We did not find information about children privacy in their privacy policy.

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