MozFest House Amsterdam is a call to action. It's an invitation for individuals like you, to help create a digital future that's open, accessible, and fair.

That’s why, nestled in the heart of Amsterdam at the picturesque Tolhuistuin, we're uniting to reclaim the internet. Driven by technology, art, culture, and activism, and we’re seeking volunteers like you to join us for this experience.

Volunteers have always played a key role in Mozilla Festival from our first gatherings in London, to our online virtual events, and now, as we reunite face-to-face for in-person events across the globe.

As we return back to making in-person connections, so does the need for more passionate, hands-on people to join us. This year, from 11- 13 June, we're bringing MozFest House to the gorgeous Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We’ll need Volunteers like you! From welcoming attendees and guiding participants to sessions, to assisting with technical aspects and ensuring the proper flow of events, your contribution will be key to fueling the discussions, workshops, and creations that will transform the future of technology.

What’s Involved in Volunteering?

Volunteering will give you a peek behind the scenes at how MozFest House Amsterdam comes to life. It’s a great opportunity for Mozilla fans and anyone passionate about a healthy internet to contribute. If Mozilla Festival is new to you, volunteering is a perfect way to jump in and immediately become part of our community.

Beyond the logistics, Mozilla Festival Volunteers become Ambassadors for our vision – reclaiming the internet alongside a global community of passionate individuals who care deeply about making the internet a better place . You'll gain practical experience in event organization, communication, and teamwork, enhancing both your tech-savvy and interpersonal skills. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside inspiring individuals, meet key figures and notable people joining us at the festival, and connect with our incredible network of volunteers globally.

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Find out more about The MozFest Volunteer Program

All the volunteers from MozFest 208, standing on stage cheering.

Volunteering at MozFest House Amsterdam

We’re seeking individuals in or near the Amsterdam area available between 11-13 June to contribute up to eight hours of volunteer time. We'll try to align what you're good at or what you love doing with what's needed at the event. You can likely expect to spend some time:

  • Helping set up rooms for sessions,
  • Proving tech and logistical support,
  • Guiding attendees to where they need to go,
  • Assisting at the registration and check-in desk,
  • Setting up before the event starts and helping pack up once it's done.

As a thank you, Volunteers will receive a complimentary ticket to MozFest House Amsterdam, a free lunch on us on your volunteer days, and a Mozilla Festival Volunteer t-shirt (you're welcome to swap it for your regular clothes when not volunteering, so you can enjoy the event too).

And there's more. You'll be in great company, both at the event and after. Many of our volunteers, both past and present, have told us how much they've enjoyed the experience and come back to volunteer at other Mozilla Festival events, both online and in person.

As a contributor supporting Mozilla software, volunteering at MozFest allows me to see the end result of my work - the bringing together of people to solve global problems and make the open web more awesome.

Paul W.

The Volunteer program is made up of a group of people who have a love for the open web, internet health, and passion for the community. They embody the internet health movement.

Robby S.

A group photo of Volunteers taken together at MozFest House Amsterdam 2023

We’d love to have you join us – looking forward to seeing you soon!

Planning to be in the Amsterdam area on 11- 13 June? Join us at MozFest House Amsterdam as a Volunteer! Register your interest by June 1st or get in touch with Stephan H. with any questions via E-Mail or in the #Volunteers channel in the MozFest Discord

MozFest is part art, tech, and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world.

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