On March 2, the Federal Trade Commission reached a $7.8 million settlement with mental health app BetterHelp over allegations that it shared users' sensitive data with third parties. POLITICO: "FTC reaches deal with online therapy company over data misuse claims."

Says Ashley Boyd, Mozilla's VP of Global Advocacy:

The FTC’s settlement with BetterHelp is a much deserved — and desperately needed — blow against untrustworthy health apps.

For years, mental health apps have amassed, sold, and shared people’s intimate health data with little transparency or accountability. Our recent *Privacy Not Included guide found that nearly all of the top mental health apps — including BetterHelp — fail to meet basic privacy and security standards.

We hope the FTC’s action against BetterHelp is just the first step — and that companies take this as a warning to better protect people’s health data.