Apple Watch 5 este producto cumple con nuestros estándares mínimos de seguridad
Apple $399 and up

Apple Watch 5

Fecha de la reseña 23/10/2019

Ever notice the Apple Watch only becomes a watch if you jiggle your wrist or tap its face? Some watch, huh? The 2019 upgrade to the new Apple Watch 5 fixes all that. With what Apple calls an "Always-On Retina display", now your $400 (and up) watch is actually a full-time watch and more. Last year Apple added heart monitoring to the Apple Watch. This year they've added a noise app that lets you know when the decibels in your vicinity are a bit loud. And a new cycle tracking app lets users track their menstrual cycles. It also tracks your steps, plays your music, makes your calls, and hassles you when you've been sitting too long and need to get off your bum and move around. Thanks Siri!

Estándares mínimos de seguridad

Cinco pasos básicos que todas las empresas deberían tomar para proteger la privacidad de los clientes. Más información.

Calificación general de seguridad
5/5 estrella
Uses encryption in transit and at rest.
Actualizaciones de seguridad
Does it get regular software/firmware updates?
Contraseña fuerte
Do you have to create a strong password?
Gestiona las vulnerabilidades
Is there a system in place for managing security vulnerabilities?
Política de privacidad
Does it have a privacy policy?

¿Me puede espiar?

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¿Cómo gestiona la privacidad?

¿Cómo comparte datos?
Apple does not share your data with third parties for commercial or marketing purposes. All Siri voice requests are anonymous and Apple auto-deletes them after 6 months.
¿Puedes borrar tus datos?
¿Recopila datos biométricos?
It can collect data about your heart rate, menstrual cycle, hearing, breathing, and your heart's electrical signals. May use voice recognition to identify your voice.
¿La información de privacidad es fácil de entender?
Apple's privacy information is written in fairly simple, easy-to-read language. They recently refreshed their privacy pages so it's centralized and written in a visual format.
Enlaces a información de privacidad

Qué podría pasar si algo falla

Apple meets our minimum security standards and does a pretty good job with privacy and security as a company. However, this device does track a whole bunch of biometric data including your heart rate, menstrual cycle, hearing, breathing, and your heart's electrical signals. Better hope your insurance company never gets access to all that info cause that could get weird (and costly).

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