We’re wrapping up our first ever MozFest Youth Zone Hackathon! Over the last 10 days, participants have had an opportunity to learn a new skill, design a concept, and put those skills to the test. You can read about our hackathon themes, Social Good and Improving the Environment here.

Spot Prizes ($50 Lego Gift Cards)

Our “Best Team” prize goes to “Digital Creation Learning Hub”! The team created a full design prototype “for a Digital Creation Learning Hub, which would contain curated resources for students to learn/build/practice different types of digital creation.”

The judging team thought that the overall concept, design and future possibilities of the Digital Creation Learning Hub really made it stand out! Great Work!

Our “Most Innovative” award goes to “LitterList”! “LitterList is an online bulletin board where people help their community by picking up litter. They then post a picture of it along with what it is and where they found it.”

A screenshot of a black background app that has a photo of a crunch Sprite can laying in the ground.

LitterList’s creators developed a prototype website that demonstrates their concept. The judges thought that LitterLists’ plans for the future, such as adding in AI content filtering, safety mechanisms for uploading, and the overall design of their application really showed promise for a future progress! Nicely done!

Grand Prizes

Third Place - Pixel Lide - ($100 Adafruit Gift Card)

Pixel Lide is a pixel animating software programmed in the Wick Editor designed for use by beginners. Offering tutorials, a visual timeline, and some interactive animation options, Pixel Lide turns out to be quite an impressive project! Watch here.

Pixel Lide’s creator also laid out some concise plans for the future, such as additional tutorials and examples for beginners. We hope to see those implemented as the tool shows fantastic potential!

Second Place - Attainable - ($100 Adafruit, $100 Etsy Gift Card)

Attainable is an app designed “to help people who have an intellectual disability become more independent.” With several integrated tools for various scenarios, attainable is a great first step in designing accessible tooling!

A screenshot of an app with a blue theme against a black background with the words "to do list" in white text.

The Attainable team iterate many elements such as links to helpful charity organizations, a to-do list, a medicine tracker, a planner, and calming music into one convenient location for users.

First Place - Defibrillator Finder Ballinrobe - ($100 Adafruit, $100 Etsy Gift Card, $100 Pimoroni Gift Card)

And in first place, “Defibrillator Finder Ballinrobe”! This team created a functional prototype to solve a problem in their community. Coordinating with local businesses, they gathered data, integrated several technologies, and completed a prototype of their project with several important features.

A screenshot of an app showing a map that pinpoints where Defibraillators are located.
Defibrillator Finder Ballinrobe

Overall, Defibrillator Finder really stood out due to their well presented problem, user experience research presented, and overall impression of their project. Nicely done!

Wrapping Up

And that finishes up our Youth Zone Hackathon 2021! We had a blast running it and hope to see many of you continue your projects in the future.

Thanks to everyone that competed, and the MozFest staff that helped pull it all together!

About The Author

Luca Damasco is a MozFest 2021 Wrangler, co-founder of WickEditor.com, creative technologist, and educator.

MozFest is part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. To learn more, visit www.mozillafestival.org.

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