Como tú, miles de personas sufren contrariedades en YouTube

Y nos contaron de esos videos que quisieran jamás haber abierto porque las llevaron, sin ellas quererlo, a una dimensión desconocida de donde no sabian cómo salir. Enviemos un mensaje a YouTube diciéndoles que necesitan hacer recomendaciones responsablemente… ¡Nada de contrariedades!

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Ethics in the tech industry matter

por Mozilla el 23 de Enero de 2020

Mozilla just launched With Great Tech Comes Great Responsibility, a guide for college students and anyone wanting to enter the tech industry to help navigate ethical issues in the tech.


The basics on microtargeting and political ads on Facebook

por Kaili Lambe and Becca Ricks el 14 de Enero de 2020

Despite massive pressure to change its policies, Facebook just announced that it will continue to allow politicians to lie in paid ads and will not limit microtargeting (though users can now opt-out of political ads and custom ad targeting).


So you got a smart device. Here’s how to keep it secure.

por Amy Cao el 26 de Diciembre de 2019

For many, the start of a new year is a time for kicking old habits and making room for new ones. It’s also a popular time for giving and receiving tech gifts that empower these habits and hobbies, from Google Home to Fitbit.


When FaceTime with Fido puts you at risk

por Amy Cao el 20 de Diciembre de 2019

Any animal lover knows that treating our pets is a year-round endeavour. After all, for those of us with fur babies, the pleasure of upgrading Mittens’ cat tree or spoiling Jack with a new chew toy runs both ways––getting our pets the latest gear makes us happy.

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Privacy Not Included

Newly updated for the holiday season, Privacy Not Included helps choose toys to delight your family without losing privacy.

Privacy Not Included
Internet Health Report

*Privacy Included: Rethinking the Smart Home is a special edition of the Internet Health Report consisting of two new articles and one previously published feature. It explores what can be done to make the global ecosystem for smart things healthier, in a brief and accessible way, through storytelling and conversations with experts.

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Fellowships That Empower Leaders

Mozilla Fellowships provide resources, tools, community and amplification to those building a more ​humane​ ​digital​ ​world. Mozilla Fellowships are a transformative experience for emerging leaders concerned with making the internet a safer, more accessible resource for everyone.

Open Leadership

Go beyond code. Learn the skills to grow your idea and change the world.

Trustable Technology Mark

A trustmark for the Internet of Things (IoT): This mark empowers consumers to make informed decisions & enables companies to prove their connected products are trustworthy.

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Queremos dar a los usuarios el conocimiento y el poder para tomar decisiones informadas por sí mismos que impidan las prácticas abusivas.

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