Mycroft Mark 1

Mycroft Mark 1

Review date: 11/01/2018

This is not your average smart speaker. Not by a long shot. This smart speaker is 100% open source, meaning it is designed to be altered, modified, remixed, and improved any way you like. And even if you don't have the technical know-how to hack your smart speaker, the Mycroft Mark 1 is still your friend. The good folks at Mycroft place a high premium on privacy, security, and being good in the world. Go check them out!

What could happen if something goes wrong

Not much. Mycroft is a company building products the right way when it comes to privacy and security. They also show they care about consumers by having one of the easiest to read privacy policies we have in this guide.


Can it snoop on me?


Device: No

App: No


Device: Yes

App: No

Tracks Location

Device: No

App: No

What is required to sign up?

What data does it collect?

How does it use this data?

How can you control your data?

What is the company’s known track record for protecting users’ data?


Can this product be used offline?

Can’t determine

User friendly privacy information?


Links to privacy information


Does this product meet our Minimum Security Standards?




Strong password


There is no default password and users encouraged to create a unique password.

Security updates


Yes. The user needs to opt in to automatic security updates.

Manages vulnerabilities


The company has no bug bounty program, but their code is open source. From the company: "We encourage early public disclosure via our Github repos and the Issue process there so the community can react as a whole appropriately."

Privacy policy


Artificial Intelligence

Does the product use AI?

Can’t Determine

Does the AI use your personal data to make decisions about you?

Can’t Determine

Does the company allow users to see how the AI works?

Can’t Determine

Company contact info

Phone Number

(816) 287-1992

Live Chat