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Tile Trackers


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These little doohickies attach to just about anything: your pet, wallet, keys, bike, bags, other people’s bags. The app lets you track your things within Bluetooth range and rings where they are if you lose something. There's a waterproof version, a super slim version, a sticker version, and a Pro version to meet any potential "now where did I put that?" need you could possibly have. Tile joined with Amazon Sidewalk to offer even more tracking to these trackers for users in the US by using Amazon Echo and Ring devices in the community to help track your Tile. Tile also has their Tile Network of phones running their Tile app that can ping your Tile to help find it, kinda like Apple's Find My network (but smaller). Is Tile creepy though? Yeah, they kinda are.

Je, jambo gani linaweza kutokea mambo yakienda mrama?

Tile -- now Tile by Life360 after they got bought by family tracking service Life360 in 2021 -- is the OG maker of Bluetooth trackers. But since Apple introduced their super popular AirTags, Tile has been playing catch-up. Apple launched AirTags using their vast Find My network of nearly a billion Apple devices, making locating AirTags just about anywhere a reality. So in response, Tile joined up with Amazon Sidewalk to expand their community network (at least in the US, Amazon Sidewalk doesn’t work outside the US) to all those supported Echo and Ring devices out there in the world, seriously expanding their locating network. Fortunately, so far the privacy and security of Amazon Sidewalk looks promising according to privacy watchdog EFF. Quick privacy PSA: With anywhere-tracking, you might be tempted to track down your stolen stuff on your own, Batman-style. Please don't do that. Mostly, it's dangerous. But also, you could end up harassing an innocent person.

Less than a year after the AirTag was introduced, people were surprised to find trackers hidden in their bags and cars. Agh! Bad actors figured out they could use these well-meaning doodads to track people’s movement without their consent. Since only the trackers’ owners could see their location, one could be following you around in your pocket without you knowing. Again, Apple was pretty quick to try to introduce a solution. Unfortunately, Tile wasn’t as speedy. Last year they finally did announce a “Scan and Secure” feature that lets anyone scan their surroundings for a Tile through their app, even if you don’t have an account. So if you’re worried that someone might have slipped a Tile in your bag, you can find it and disable it. A decent start, but you still have to download the Tile app.

Here's a concern: If anyone can easily find and disable your Tiles, that might make it easier for people to find and steal your stuff -- which is what some people try to use trackers to prevent. Faced with this conundrum, Tile came up with a pretty extreme “solution.” Their Anti-Theft Mode makes Tiles undetectable by the “Scan and Secure” feature while also trying to make sure that no one will want to use them for stalking. It works like this: you can only turn on Anti-Theft Mode if you verify your identity with multiple factors, including a selfie and government ID. The idea is that people won’t commit a crime (like stalking) if they’re not anonymous. Questionable, but OK. There’s more. Anti-Theft Mode users also have to acknowledge that, woah, hang on a sec, that “personal information can and will be shared with law enforcement at our discretion, even without a subpoena, to aid in the investigation and prosecution of suspected stalking.” No matter what the justification is, that’s a line we never like to see in privacy policies. It also cheeses us off when safety and privacy are pitted against each other.

Tile also say that anyone who’s convicted of using Tiles for stalking will be subject to a one million dollar fine. We get it, Tile! You want to discourage stalking. But we’re not convinced this is the best way to go about it. And we wouldn’t stake our safety on the idea that stalkers are highly rational people who weigh the pros and cons of their actions. Anyhoo, if you do think you’re being stalked with an undetectable Tile in “Anti-Theft Mode,” the company urges you to submit a Google Form and wait for a Tile team member to be in touch. Is it just us or does that seem to put a heck of a lot of pressure on Tile's team? One of Tile’s goals is “giving law enforcement the information they need to pursue justice for victims” and they’re probably right that Anti-Theft Mode will help with that. But wouldn’t it be better to stop the stalking the moment it starts, instead of building a case against your stalker after you find out they’ve been stalking you? You can do better, Tile, we believe in you.

Aside from all that! Tile by Life360’s privacy practices aren't great. They may collect information about you from third parties. They may also share your personal information with third parties for “tailored advertising purposes.” They say they can share de-identified data to third parties, including advertisers This is where we remind you that privacy researchers have found that de-identified data, especially data that includes location information, can be pretty easy to re-identify making hard to be totally anonymous.

On the bright side, it seems like you can opt out of "monetization of your data--even in aggregate form" inside the app. That's good but it would be way better if you weren't opted-in by default in the first place. Their privacy policy is also very clear about not selling your location related to their Tile products. That's cool! But that’s probably because the company that owns Tile, Life360 was outed for selling precise location data on millions of it's users in 2021. They were recently sued for selling location data without users' consent. That's very bad. Worse, it's something they they seem to still be up to for other Life360 products. Oh and, Anti-Theft Mode activated or not, their privacy policy also says it’s up to them to decide if your information should be shared with law enforcement. Specifically, “if in our sole discretion, we determine it is necessary to (a) conform to the law, comply with legal process, or investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities.” That’s unfortunately getting to be pretty common, but we still really don’t like it. Here’s something we do like to see: anyone can delete their data! It would be a good idea to take them up on that.

What’s the worst thing that could happen with Tile trackers? Well, someone could take your umbrella at a coffee shop, find your tracker, accuse you of stalking them, then Tile might hand over your personal information to the cops on a hunch. Or, your movements could be tracked by a well-hidden Tile without you knowing it, because your stalker is confident they won’t be caught and you don’t know to be on the lookout. Yikes. All in all, we're quite worried that Tile by Life360's trackers could come with *privacy not included.

Vidokezi vya kujilinda

  • Opt out of sale of your personal data via the Life360 app!
  • Check the tips on how to know if someone is tracking you without your consent.
  • Do not sign up with third-party accounts. Better just log in with email and strong password.
  • Chose a strong password! You may use a password control tool like 1Password, KeePass etc
  • Use your device privacy controls to limit access to your personal information via app (do not give access to your camera, microphone, images, location unless neccessary)
  • Keep your app regularly updated
  • Limit ad tracking via your device (eg on iPhone go to Privacy -> Advertising -> Limit ad tracking) and biggest ad networks (for Google, go to Google account and turn off ad personalization)
  • Request your data be deleted once you stop using the app. Simply deleting an app from your device usually does not erase your personal data.
  • When starting a sign-up, do not agree to tracking of your data if possible.
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Kampuni inakusanya data gani?

Je, kampuni inatumiaje data hii?

We ding this product as it may share to third parties personal data including geolocation data, for purposes including targeted advertisement.

Life360 Privacy & Cookie Policy

"In the previous 12 months, if you were a Life360 member (excluding information related to our Tile and Jiobit Products) we have sold or shared the following categories of personal information to third-party partners and advertising partners for targeted marketing, attribution, analytics, and research purposes (subject to your settings and opt-outs): Identifiers, Internet/Network information, Geolocation, Inferences, and Other personal information, including driving event and movement data. These third-party businesses may use such information for their own purposes in accordance with their own privacy statements, which may include reselling this information to additional third parties, including other advertising networks."

"Importantly, and for the avoidance of doubt, locations associated with your Products whether they appear in the Tile, Jiobit, or Life360 apps will not be sold to or monetized by third parties even in aggregated form."

"We may disclose your personal information to our vendors and consultants who perform services on our behalf or who help us provide our Services, such as accounting, managerial, technical, email or chat services, marketing or analytic services, fraud prevention, bot detection, web hosting, and to other third-party partners or service providers who agree to process personal information solely as necessary to provide services or features to our members on our behalf or on behalf of our permitted business partners."

"At this time, we do not disclose personal information related to individuals who access our Services from the European Economic Area, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, or Korea to third parties for their independent marketing and/or monetization purposes. If we decide to disclose such personal data of EEA, Swiss, the United Kingdom, or Korean residents in the future for third-party independent use, individuals will first have the opportunity to provide opt-in consent."

"De-Identified Information
We may share with third parties, including advertisers and service providers, anonymized, aggregated and/or anonymous data we collect about you and other members, such as de-identified demographic information, de-identified location information, and information about the computer or device from which you access our Services, or the results of hashing your email address."

"We may disclose personal information, including contact information and location and movement data, mobile device information (such as information generated by the gyroscope and accelerometer in your device), application analytics (including IP address and device identifiers), technical and analytical data, and driving event data with third-party partners that provide certain features and services you elect to use through or in connection with our Products or Service, to the extent that they are available in your country or region of residence. Some examples are as follows:
Crash Detection and Emergency Dispatch Services;
Roadside assistance;
Identity theft protection; and
Driving analytics services."

Unawezaje kudhibiti data yako?

We ding this product for selling personal data subject to opt-out consent (that is, by default)

"In the Life360 app, you may:
Exercise your right to Opt In or Opt Out of App-based personal information sales or sharing by clicking on the “Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information” link in your in-App Privacy & Security settings and adjusting the personal information sales toggle.
Request a copy or deletion of your personal information under the “Additional Data Rights” page, then, select “Request Your Personal Information” or “Delete Your Account” to submit your request. We will process your request and send a confirmation email. "

"For Tile customers: If you delete your account or other personal information, the location information associated with active Tile Products may still be collected anonymously from other Tile Community members who are running the app and are within Bluetooth range of your device. Any such new location information will no longer be associated with your account (to completely disable this type of information collection we recommend you transfer the Tiles prior to account or data deletion, remove the battery from or disable your Products)."

"Data Retention
Life360 retains the information we receive as described in this Privacy Policy for as long as you use our Products or Services or as otherwise necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was collected, to resolve disputes, establish legal defenses, conduct audits, pursue legitimate business interests, enforce our agreements, and to comply with applicable laws. Our retention is based upon the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the information, the purposes for which we process the information, applicable legal requirements, and our legitimate interests. The purposes for which we process information may dictate different retention periods for the same types of information."

Je, rekodi ya kampuni inayojulikana ya kulinda data ya watumiaji ni gani?

Inahitaji kuimarishwa

In 2023, proposed class-action lawsuit was filed against Life360 alleging it sold users' location data without permission.

In December 2021, it was reported that Life360 is selling precise location data on tens of millions of users including data of kids’ and families’ whereabouts to approximately a dozen data brokers who have sold data to virtually anyone who wants to buy it.

In 2021 Life360 was accused of selling location data. Selling location data was an "important part" of the company's business model, according to Life360 CEO Chris Hull.

Taarifa ya Faragha ya Mtoto

"In accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), Life360 does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13, 16 in California, (a “child”) without verifiable consent of a parent or guardian, and our Services are intended to be used by children under 13 only with significant parental or guardian involvement and approval.

If Life360 learns that we have inadvertently collected personal information of a child without parental consent as required by law, we will take appropriate steps to delete this information. If you are a parent or guardian and discover that your child has a registered account with our Services or is using our Products without your consent, please alert us immediately by emailing [email protected].

By enabling your child to create a member account and/or permitting your child to use the Products or Services, you expressly agree to the practices described in this Privacy Policy and you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your child’s personal information as described herein."

"Information sharing about Children
Life360 may disclose a child’s personal information to our third-party vendors, service providers, and business partners as described in this Privacy Policy. However, we do not share or sell personal information collected from the accounts of children for marketing or advertising purposes, nor do we permit our service providers and business partners to collect and use such information for advertising purposes. The child’s profile information and location will be shared with other members of any Circle the child joins. Please note the child will be able to share his or her location with other members of that Circle and may exchange messages with those Circle members. You are responsible for monitoring your child’s account and location-sharing activity through our Products and Services and for blocking or permitting location-sharing features."

"We do not sell or share the personal information of members we know to be less than 16 years of age. If you are under the age of 18 and you want to remove your name or comments from our website or publicly-displayed content, please contact us directly at [email protected]. We may not be able to modify or delete your information in all circumstances."

Je, bidhaa hii inaweza kutumika nje ya mtandao?


Bluetooth connection is still required to use the device.

Maelezo ya faragha yanayofaa watumiaji?


Viungo vya taarifa za faragha

Je, bidhaa hii inakidhi Viwango vyetu vya Chini Zaidi vya Usalama? taarifa


Usimbaji fiche


"Tile uses encryption in transit, meaning communications between the phone and cloud are encrypted (https). They secure communications from the Tile to the phone and encrypt communications from the phone to the cloud. They claim to use industry-standard cryptography and access controls to safeguard all our user accounts. Tile uses the Bluetooth component of the Sidewalk network to locate lost items, and compatible Echo devices extend Tile's network coverage even further, helping customers securely locate misplaced keys, wallets, and other items. For more information, please review the Sidewalk FAQ Page."

Nenosiri thabiti


To access your Tile mobile app, you need a Tile account which requires a password. Passwords have minimum length requirements and are stored in one-way hashed, salted format.

Masasisho ya usalama


Yes, they do regularly push automatic updates. However, users’ phone configurations determine if users automatically pick up these new mobile builds.

Inashughulikia hatari


Tile has a bug bounty program

Sera ya faragha


Je, bidhaa inatumia AI? taarifa


*Privacy Not Included

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