When Apple releases its new iPhone software update in the near future, you might see something a little different when you open up apps like Facebook.

Apple’s new software update to iOS 14.5 will allow users to opt out of cross-app surveillance – putting a dent in advertisers’ ability to track your activity across the internet AND sell your personal information for advertising profit.

This is our moment to curtail the mass-monetization of our personal information. Apple’s software update creates a unique opening for iPhone users to control access to their personal information. And it won’t be buried in settings – it will be super easy for people to opt-out.

Coming soon to iPhone: Get ready to click 'Ask App not to Track'

This new software update will make opting out of cross-app tracking as easy as clicking a button.

Apple’s decision to allow users to opt-out of cross-app tracking is a huge win for consumers, many of whom might not even be aware that they can be tracked across apps on their phone. With this long-anticipated option to opt-out of tracking at the point-of-use, consumers won’t have to dig deep into their phone’s settings to protect their privacy. Mozilla first called on Apple to curb cross-app tracking in 2019 because advertisers shouldn’t be able to collect highly personal data across apps without consumers’ consent. Get ready to update your iPhone and please spread the word.