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  • aapti

    Strengthening Data Ecosystems in Indian Schools

    10 juni 2024
    Manvi Parashar, Poorvi Yerrapureddy, Astha Kapoor

    Educational data collection and analysis can both improve and introduce risks to India’s sprawling education system. Findings follow a nine-month investigation by Mozilla and Aapti Institute, supported by USAID.

  • Openness Framework Paper v6

    Towards a Framework for Openness in Foundation Models

    21 mei 2024
    Columbia University, Mozilla
    AI fairness, accountability, and transparency

    This paper presents a framework for grappling with openness across the AI stack. The paper surveys existing approaches to defining openness in AI models and systems, and then proposes a descriptive framework to understand how each component of the foundation model stack contributes to openness.

  • RH-thumbnail-03

    Mind the Gap: What Working With Developers on Fuzz Tests Taught Us About Coverage Gaps

    24 april 2024
    Christian Holler, Jason Kratzer, Andy Zaidman, Alberto Bacchelli, Marco Castelluccio, Carolin Brandt
    Privacy, security & tracking
  • AIIDB thumbnail

    AI Intersections Database

    18 april 2024
    Mozilla Insights, Kenrya Rankin
    AI bias & discrimination / AI fairness, accountability, and transparency / Community building / Digital inclusion / LGBTQIA+

    The AI Intersections Database maps intersections between the key social justice and human rights areas of our time and documented AI impacts and their manifestations in society.

  • Stress-test-ad-libraries-report-graphics

    Full Disclosure: Stress testing tech platforms’ ad repositories

    16 april 2024
    Amaury Lesplingart, Claire Pershan
    Ads transparency / Elections

    Mozilla called on Check First to test the ad transparency tools maintained by 11 of the world's largest tech companies. These tools aim to let researchers, watchdogs, and members of the public understand how commercial communications influence the information space and affect society.

  • CCTM

    Technical Readout - Columbia Convening on Openness and AI

    27 maart 2024
    Nik Marda
    Openness and AI

    Key technical takeaways from a convening focused on exploring what "openness" means in the AI era.

  • CC Header

    Policy Readout - Columbia Convening on Openness and AI

    27 maart 2024
    Udbhav Tiwari
    Openness and AI / Tech policy & regulation

    This policy brief distills the discussions at Columbia Convening in 2024 for policymakers - identifying benefits that openness can bring to the AI ecosystem, the risk/benefit tradeoffs in opening up different components of the AI stack, and recommendations for policymakers.

  • AI-Adoption

    AI Report on Southern Africa

    21 maart 2024
    Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
    AI fairness, accountability, and transparency

    As governments, communities, and businesses across southern Africa continue to integrate artificial intelligence technologies into everyday life, they face three key challenges: AI readiness, AI deployment, and potential misuse of AI.

  • Global-Elections

    Mozilla’s Elections Casebook

    27 februari 2024
    Odanga Madung, Becca Ricks, Open Source Research & Investigations
    Elections / Platform accountability

    Mozilla's Elections Casebook scrutinizes what steps platforms have taken to protect election integrity globally. Case studies explore the impact of platform policies and interventions.

  • In transparency we trust Thumbnail

    In Transparency We Trust?

    26 februari 2024
    Ramak Molavi Vasse'i, Gabriel Udoh
    AI fairness, accountability, and transparency

    Evaluating the Effectiveness of Watermarking and Labeling AI-Generated Content