In our previous post about the Decolonized Futures Space at MozFest, we discussed some of the questions that ignited our conversation towards what decolonized AI means and how to broaden the AI conversation. We have drafted three main guiding principles so you can draw an idea of what our space aims to reach:

  1. This space focuses on case studies from current AI research by individuals and groups outside the Western world. We will envision future possibilities of decolonized/non-Western AI.
  2. We refer to the communities of focus as the Global Majority.
  3. We bring awareness to Rosemary Campbell’s Global Majority as a concept that points to the power dynamic rather than a particular geographic identifier. We aim to decenter the dominant culture.

The Decolonized AI Futures Space will convene at MozFest 2022, 7-10 March, online.

To spark conversation in this space, we ask:

  • With AI systems embedding Western values by default, how can more diverse peoples and values change the future of AI?
  • How does this impact our lives around the world?
  • How can a diverse set of values enrich the conversation?
  • Should we create AI frameworks and policies that are universal?

We are open to session formats of all kinds, including, but not limited to case studies of existing work, scholarly presentations, and workshops and tutorials, particularly led by those from the Global Majority, on developing and presenting AI projects.

We encourage collaborative, discussion-led sessions you may wish to draw on technical examples of AI implementation, or present on methods, toolkits, and practices that you have implemented in your working practice.

You may wish to bring an artistic response to the idea of Decolonized AI Futures; this space is open to creative imaginings of potential AI futures as well as current AI practice. Perhaps your session intends to explore what it really means to decolonize AI, or unpack what a “decolonized AI” could even look like.

The call for proposals has been extended until the end of the day on November 14th here. If you need support in creating your session proposal, please see this post for where to find additional support and guidance.

We aim to bring together a diverse community of knowledge guardians, researchers, technologists, activists, journalists. Submissions from the Global Majority are encouraged, all are welcome.

Together, we will explore the use of algorithms, AI research, and case studies from AI in real life, and envision a future for AI that involves a meaningful dialogue of values.

Let’s keep the conversation going! You can join our Slack open channel #decolonized-ai-futures to discuss any questions you might have.

Meanwhile, we want to share with you some resources and inspiration materials that have come in handy in our curiosity to learn and go deeper:

George Doji

She/They | Mozfest Wrangler 2022 | Passionate about digital heritage & digital futures, and most especially in seeing them open to everyone.

Mar Marín

MozFest Wrangler 2022 | Curious and passionate about youth’s digital rights and the intersection between technology and social studies.

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