Zoom screenshot of the four female speakers at the MozFest Session: An open Conversation About the Intersections of Gender, Technologies, & Privacy
Zoom screenshot of the of the facilitators of the MozFest Session entitled 'An open Conversation About the Intersections of Gender, Technologies, & Privacy'

Within the overarching Space Narratives of this year’s MozFest, several sub-themes emerged, including Bias & Gender and what can be done to increase gender diversity and address the gender biases that exist within the tech industry. With an on-demand ticket, you can explore exciting Bias and Gender recorded sessions, panel discussions, and resources from this year’s festival.

Below you’ll find a sneak peek of the thought-provoking on-demand sessions that speak to Bias & Gender, from algorithm bias to data bias and everything in between:

  • An open conversation about the intersections of gender, technologies, & privacy
    Are you interested in apps and devices made by and for women and LGBT+ people? Do you want to find new ways to think about our tech and data futures? We sense that we need a safe space to gather, to hear about the issues and the solutions we encounter and the intersections between these topics.

  • Digital tools to fight gender violence
    In this session we talk about “Circulo”, a digital safe communication channel for female journalists and HRDs. Circulo was developed based on the feedback from female journalists and HRDs from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, professions that are very dangerous in those countries, especially for females who face physical and digital gender violence on a daily basis.

  • Intersectional AI Toolkit: Making Zines, Remaking Machines
    The Intersectional AI Toolkit argues that anyone should be able to understand what AI is and to help imagine what AI ought to be. In this AI-skills and zine-making workshop, participants collaborate by co-authoring the Intersectional AI Toolkit.

  • “Google tell me about gender & AI?”
    It’s 2022 and still, no country can say their society is equal when it comes to gender equality and intersectionality. The pandemic exacerbated these issues and further highlighted women being disproportionately affected when it comes to the loss of livelihood, unpaid childcare and on and offline violence. In tech, statistics are no better, with intersectionality and gender missing from the conversations around algorithm and machine learning. Join the first episode of this podcast series hosted by Helen Femi Williams.

  • The eco gender gap : women creating positive change for a sustainable future.
    RISE2030, a project by Sustain the World and SEFY International, is a community-led initiative that focuses on women and youth empowerment, aiming at capacity building & improving living conditions of those living in deprived areas. Rise2030 aims at empowering underprivileged communities through sustainability-focused education, employment, and innovation that will enable them to create their sustainable solutions. Tune into this session to learn more.

  • Algowritten: Gender Bias in AI-generated text
    Algowritten is a project that seeks to introduce self reflexivity to AI as a creative tool, starting with a focus on training the AI to identify gender bias in genre texts. It is a tool for communities and individuals looking to use AI creatively, who wish to do so with a nuanced awareness of the harmful biases endemic to English language media history.

  • Gender, Power, & Tech
    “Gender, Power, & Tech” is a zine that discusses gender-related issues in the tech industry. It draws on the latest research on the interrelations between technology and society, as well as one of the author's research on tech culture and personal experiences in the tech industry. The zine argues that diversity is not a pipeline problem: it is a cultural problem that we must take seriously if we want to build more equitable and inclusive socio-technical systems.

The sessions above will be viewable until June 25th, so be sure to grab your On-Demand ticket to watch them (and all other recorded MozFest sessions) at a time that suits your schedule.

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