Ever feel like you’re losing control of your internet experience?


That’s why the latest season of Mozilla’s multi award-winning podcast, IRL, is all about how people around the world are reclaiming artificial intelligence to put people over profit. Today we're releasing the trailer for our new season – listen to it now!

In season 7, we talk to people building trustworthy alternatives to the AI advanced by trillion dollar companies with far too much power over the internet and our lives. We hear from trailblazers and visionaries who are leveraging tech for the common good, and showing others how it can be done.

Join host Bridget Todd as we explore a growing ecosystem of builders, creators, and regulators at the forefront of the risks and rewards of AI. The new season launches on October 10 with five episodes released bi-weekly, so be sure to follow IRL wherever you get your podcasts, and listen to the trailer, out today.

Let’s reclaim the internet, together.