Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit this product meets our minimum security standards
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Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Review Date 11/22/2019

This wand is not for muggles. Only those with magic in their veins will truly love this Harry Potter based open source coding wand. It teaches kids how to code with step-by-step challenges. Then use the wand to make magic on a computer or tablet. Build a wand. Learn to code. Make magic. Voldemort doesn't stand a chance.

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5/5 star
Uses encryption in transit and at rest.
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Device: No | App: No
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How does it share data?
Kano does not share your personal data with third parties for commercial or marketing purposes. However, Kano can share aggregated, de-identified data with anyone. This means that Kano strips your data of personal information and then pools it with other user data, and can share that with anyone.
Can you delete your data?
Parental controls?
Collects biometrics data?
The Harry Potter wand has an accelerometer, gyrometer, and magnetometer to detect the movement your hand makes while casting spells. The software in the kit recognizes machine learning in a database with thousands of motions, compares what you do to those motions, but does not capture or keep the motion you make outside of the device.
User friendly privacy info?
Kano's privacy policy is written in fairly simple language.
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What could happen if something went wrong

Not a whole lot really. Kids—big and small—could learn to code while pretending to be Harry or Hermione or even Dumbledore. Nothing wrong with that!

How to contact the company

Phone Number (888) 329-7281| (020) 3893-2471
Live Chat No
Twitter TeamKano