Welcome to Mozilla’s first-ever Annual Consumer Creep-O-Meter

In 2023, the state of our digital privacy is very creepy

In numbers, that translates to 75.6/100, with 100 being the most creepy. Our annual benchmark measures the current state of digital privacy — and what direction it’s trending.

Determine your Digital Privacy Footprint

In addition to the Annual Consumer Creep-O-Meter score, you can also take a quiz to determine your own privacy footprint.

Below, select which popular products you own. We’ll weigh their privacy features and flaws, then show how well or poorly your devices and apps protect your personal information.

*Privacy Not Included

Mozilla’s Annual Consumer Creep-O-Meter distills what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s just plain creepy in the world of consumer tech.

Since 2017, Mozilla has published 15 editions of *Privacy Not Included, our consumer tech buyers guide. We’ve reviewed over 500 gadgets, apps, cars, and more, assessing their security features, what data they collect, and who they share that data with.

In 2023, we compared our most recent findings with those of the past five years. It quickly became clear that products and companies are collecting more personal data than ever before — and then using that information in shady ways.

By The Numbers

Consumer privacy, by the numbers. In 2023 and late 2022:

100% of cars reviewed by Mozilla failed to meet our privacy and security standards

40% of the mental health apps reviewed have gotten worse on privacy and security since 2022

12 products earned our Best of Badge

>90% of products now feature microphones and/or cameras

50% of products received our *PNI warning label

Almost 5 Hours of reading time is required to review all of the privacy documents for the Meta Quest Pro VR headset

Stay in Control

Consumers still have agency in the consumer tech space. Here’s what you can do:

Maximize Your Security

Consumers should enable every security feature that’s available to them. That means choosing unique, strong passwords, and always turning on two-factor authentication.

Opt Out

Many products automatically opt you into data collection and sharing. But if you poke around in the settings, you can often scale back what’s being collected and shared. You can also opt to disable features like Amazon Alexa, further minimizing data collection.

Wield Your Pocketbook

If you’re not comfortable with a product’s privacy, don’t buy it. And, speak up. Over the years, we’ve seen companies respond to consumer demand for privacy, like when Apple reformed app tracking and Zoom made end-to-end encryption a free feature.

Our Approach

The Annual Consumer Creep-O-Meter is calculated using both quantitative and qualitative measures. Our researchers average together findings from our 2023 and late 2022 *Privacy Not Included editions, each of which entails hundreds of hours of research. In 2023 and late 2022, we published three editions and one research report covering 172 different products, from cars and mental health apps to fitness trackers and kids toys.

Our researchers also assess broader industry trends and developments, like privacy legislation and enforcement, factoring them into the score.

Learn more about our methodology.

Thanks for visiting Mozilla’s first-ever annual Consumer Creep-O-Meter

We’ll publish this each year going forward, providing a long-term look at how the consumer privacy landscape is changing. In the meantime, stay tuned for the next edition of *Privacy Not Included this November, covering the most popular connected gifts.

*Privacy Not Included