Meet the team

Amy Schapiro Raikar

San Francisco, California

Senior Program Officer at Mozilla, cultivating community - driven solutions to mitigate global threats to internet health.

Chenai Chair

Zimbabwe/South Africa

Senior Program Officer. Focus on policy developments enhancing digital rights with AI uptake in Africa

Hanan Elmasu

London, UK

Director, Fellowships & Awards

Mehan Jayasuriya

Portland, Oregon, USA

Mehan is a Senior Program Officer at the Mozilla Foundation who leads programs that grow the open source and community network ecosystems.

Janice Wait

Kansas City, Kansas, USA

Senior Program Manager @ Mozilla working to ensure the future of the web is not built on the backs of individuals' security and privacy.

Roselyn Odoyo

Nairobi, Kenya

Senior Program Officer

Koliwe Majama

Harare, Harare Metropolitan, Zimbabwe

Media, Information, Communications and Technologies policy expert with research, advocacy and project management experience.

Kofi Yeboah


Program Officer at Mozilla. His work focuses on African innovation and how arts can be used to explore the impact of AI on society.

Justyna Nowak

Berlin, Germany

Program Assistant

Jaselle Edward-Gill

Berlin, Germany

Program Associate

Hailey Froese

Toronto, Canada

Program Officer, Alumni Engagement

Steven Azeka

New York City

Program Lead - Responsible Computer Science Challenge